What is difference between eBay and Amazon

In the world of tech and innovation, there are many e-commerce consulting plat-forums serving humanity in different ways, among them are Amazon and eBay. In the world of e-commerce both Amazon and eBay are considered as two giants.Both eBay and Amazon are two of the largest and longstanding major players in the e-commerce sector. This article is a little endeavor to give a clear, basic picture of eBay and Amazon. And which market place is better for selling or buying. Here are salient features of both marketplaces with some pros and cons.


Amazon is considered the top selling and buying e-market in the world. Where 20+ million active buyers visit daily. But there are few pros and cons of Amazon which are:


  1. More than 50% of all sales or e-commerce Sales go through Amazon: which is mind-blowing. That means that if you sell on Amazon, a huge percentage of the US population is able to see your product and chances of your product to sell out will be quite more. 
  2. You may give the products that you want to sell to Amazon and they will ship it to the customers for you. So you will get rid of the shipping product job. 


  1. Amazon may compete against you when they see that your product is making a lot of sales which can happen when you do private label. They can sell the same product as yours through Amazon Basics.
  2.  Amazon charges 15%  while eBay fee is 10%. 
  3.  Limited item listing.

3.  Amazon can kick you off anytime if you break a rule but eBay can do the same thing so this is also a con for eBay. Both abolish your business upon rule breaking. 


EBay is the second largest e commerce marketplace where 18+ million visits daily for sale and purchase purpose. Here are pros and cons of eBay market:


  1. People don’t go to Amazon for used and collectible items.While eBay offers selling and purchasing  of new as well as old items. 
  2. eBay has an Auction System for the sell of products as well as direct or fixed price purchase..  
  3. eBay’s fee is just 10% which is less than Amazon’s fee. 


  1. EBay is the second largest e-commerce place, therefore, customers prefer Amazon. Hence, the amount of traffic and sales they get is going downhill while Amazon is going surging. If you really want to get invested in a platform, I personally would want to get invested into the one that is going uphill. 
  2. You need to take care and arrange all the Logistics such as shipping, storage, distribution, and packaging. 


In a nutshell; Amazon and eBay have many similarities, primarily in attracting visitors to their site, providing them the ability to browse available products and make a purchase. The differences between the two companies lie in their business models; Amazon operates like a traditional retail store whereas eBay functions more like an auction house.

Amazon is buyer centric while eBay is more seller focused.  As a buyer, it depends on what one is seeking to buy, either Amazon or eBay will be a better fit for one’s needs. Similarly, as a seller, it’s based on what business model and selling needs, one company will work better for your business goals.

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