What is E-commerce? Why is it important to trade and have an online store?

This article introduces you to the world of e-commerce and the importance of online shopping.

E-commerce is a system for buying and selling goods and services using the Internet as the main medium of exchange. That is, the business of managing collections and payments by electronic means. Basically, you put products and services on your website and add them to your shopping cart. You can also buy zain sim card online with the help of e-commerce or online shopping.

We’re excited to see a 40% increase in online stores as a result of the pandemic.

E-commerce method

Depending on how the exchange is between the buyer and seller, you can find a variety of ways to:

Online store with product: just like in the physical store, only in the online version.

Dropshipping: Basically everything looks the same as a regular store, but items are shipped from a third party, not the seller.

E-Commerce Affiliate: In this case, the store not only sends the product, but does not end the sale on the platform, but redirects the customer to another store to pay. Commission after sales approval.

Membership: What you’re looking for here is a recurring purchase with a recurring subscription. It has business models such as membership clubs (record clubs, book clubs, craft beer clubs, etc.) where customers pay for a different product each month.

Marketplace: A store where different vendors offer different products or services. A prime example is Amazon.

With advances in technology and changes in popular consumption patterns, more and more e-commerce proposals and models are emerging on the Internet.


The advantages of e-commerce over traditional commerce are very significant.

More Customers: The ability to buy and sell anywhere in the world expands your audience beyond reach from more branches and physical offices.

No Hours: The store is open 24 hours, so customers can buy what they want, anytime, anywhere. Currently, online customers can ask questions at any time, and they are usually answered during business hours, but this can be resolved in stores where all information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is an important advantage of e-commerce over traditional commerce.

Cost savings: Cost savings that do not require a physical body. When e-commerce works with vendors that make contact with customers, it doesn’t even cost you production.

Higher Margins: Lower costs and the ability to reach more customers can result in higher margins than traditional stores.

Scaling: In this case, depending on the server, there is no limit to the number of clients that can be served at one time.

¬†Not everything is rosy when it comes to e-commerce. Some of the issues to be faced is the public distrust of online payment methods, despite the fact that they have proven to be very secure. In some cases, products or services are not visible or tangible, reducing the public’s shopping experience. To reduce this, it’s best to post as much product information as possible, satisfied customer reviews, and great photos. Another challenge we face is that the cost of building an online store is low, so competition is fierce. Another issue to consider is the technical aspect that must be clearly communicated in exchange for cost.

It should be borne in mind that opening an online store takes a long time to get results. Because with him you have to take digital marketing steps to promote your business.

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