What is the Use of a Triple Camera in Oppo A31?

Oppo held 12.3% market share in India’s smartphone segment in the third quarter of 2020. Since its inception, Oppo has promoted itself as the ‘Selfie Expert’, and as per customer reviews, it has been successful in living up to its claim.

What distinguishes this brand from most of its competitors is that Oppo products are available in all price ranges and boast of excellent camera features.

In February 2020, the brand launched Oppo A31 in the budget smartphone category from around Rs.11,500 onwards. However, this model’s highlight is its 12MP triple rear camera that helps capture top-notch quality pictures and create excellent compositions.

Nevertheless, it is essential to understand how this camera feature can favour its owner as a potential user. To determine the same and make the most of this spec, individuals should find out how to use the camera to add or remove different effects.

Oppo A31 – Breakdown of 12MP triple rear camera spec

This device is promoted as the best mobile under 20000 that has a camera for all occasions. Its three different lenses serve different purposes and help to enhance image quality considerably.

The three lenses are discussed below –

  1. 12MP main camera – It allows capturing bright and clear images.
  2. Macro lens – This lens helps capture the minute details of the subject by taking the camera as close as 4cm to it. It comes in handy for capturing dreamy compositions like dew drops on flowers, details on a small ladybug, etc.
  3. Depth camera – This particular lens is ideal for capturing high-quality portraits that are aesthetically beautiful and unique from a professional perspective.

Other than these lenses, individuals can benefit from the camera specs to enhance their photography experience significantly –

  • Dazzle colour mode

Its pixel mapping colour algorithm brings out the natural hues in the images. It enhances the colour composition of the image and makes up an attractive picture.

  • Portrait Bokeh effect

This effect comes in handy to highlight the subject of a picture beautifully. Users can manipulate the focus on the subject by blurring out the background.

  • Selfie camera

Its 8MP front camera is enabled with AI beautification features. Such a feature identifies the subject’s age and gender and creates a natural and personalised selfie that is more refined and aesthetically pleasing.

Though this is among the top USP of Oppo A31, interested gadget enthusiasts should factor in other accompanying specs before buying it.  They should consider specs like – storage, battery life, screen resolution, etc., to make a valued purchase.

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Therefore, make sure to find out more about the triple camera use and other important specs of Oppo A31 before purchasing the device. It will help to make an informed decision and allow maximising the associated benefits to the fullest.

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