What is USB and how to format it

Do you want to format a flash disk but are confused about the correct and safe way? If so, in this article will provide an illustrated guide as well as a video on how to properly and safely format a flash drive on laptops and Android phones.

Curious how? keep reading this article, yes.

How to Format USB

Before going into the guide, it’s a good idea to know some of the problems that cause the flash drive to need to be formatted:

  • Flash memory is full (full) with unused data.
  • USB hit by a virus so that strange files appear in it. Well, a flash like this is also dangerous if used on another computer or laptop because it can transmit the virus.
  • USB hit by a virus where the virus makes our flash memory seem to be full (full) so that we can’t save new files on our flash.

If you are experiencing problems with the flash as above or are experiencing other similar problems, the solution to the problem that you can try is to format your flash drive.

What is USB Format?

Flash format is to restore the conditions and settings of the flash to be like new by resetting and deleting all data in the flash.

USB Format Terms

Before going into the guide on how to format the flash, it’s a good idea to know that in the process, formatting the flash drive will erase all stored data. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you backup (save data to another place) important data on the flash drive.

Well, there are 2 ways you can choose to format the flash properly, correctly and safely. The first way is to use a computer (PC) or laptop.

The second way is to use an Android cellphone with the addition of a small tool called USB OTG which is useful as an adapter to be able to connect the flash to the HP USB port so that the flash can be detected and opened on the cellphone.


Don’t worry, the price of USB OTG is not expensive, in fact some are very cheap depending on the durability. Don’t forget to make sure first what type of USB port your cellphone has. Is the port USB type B (regular USB) or USB type C.

Well, after making sure, you have to buy USB OTG according to the type of USB port on your cellphone.

Before buying USB OTG, it’s a good idea to make sure in advance whether your Android phone supports the use of USB OTG.

Information on whether your cellphone supports USB OTG can be found by going to gsmarena.com and searching for your cellphone model through the search box.

But if you can’t find the information, you can search for it on google with the keywords “(HP brand) (model) usb otg”. For example, if you use a Samsung brand cellphone with an S8 model, the google search keyword is “samsung s8 usb otg”.

Preparation Before Format USB

In order to safely format the flash drive, you must first backup the data on the flash that will be formatted.

Backup on a flash drive means copying some or all of the important data on your flash and saving it to other storage media such as a hard disk on a computer, laptop, cellphone or other flash.

You can use any storage space as long as the available memory must be larger than your flash memory.

Here’s an example of Gadgetlogi how to back up all flash data into a computer:

  • The first step is to insert the flash drive into the USB port of your computer or laptop and then open File Explorer.
  • If the flash has been detected, the name of your flash will appear. Right-click the mouse button on the name of your flash drive and select copy.
  • Open the drive on your computer or to make it easier to use the Desktop then right click the mouse button and select paste.
  • Wait for the backup process to complete.
  • Done, all your flash data is backed up safely.

If before formatting the flash and you are going to back up all the flash data into the Android cellphone, the method is as follows:

  • The first step is to connect the flash to the Android phone using USB OTG.
  • After that, please open the File Manager application. If the application is not yet available, you can first install an application called Mi File Manager via google playstore.
  • If the flash has been detected, the name of your flash will appear.
  • Then open the flash drive and mark all existing files and folders and select the copy menu.
  • After copying, make sure you don’t exit the File Manager application then open the internal memory or external memory (memory card) of your Android phone using the application and select the paste menu.
  • Wait for the backup process to complete.
  • Done, all your flash data is backed up safely.

Well, the next important thing so that the flash format process is successful and safe is to make sure you don’t remove or move the flash drive from the USB port on your HP / laptop during the formatting process. This is very important so that your flash is not damaged.

After the preparation is complete, you can start following the steps on how to format the flash drive according to the device you are using.

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