What Laptop Type You Should Buy?

The laptop market is represented by a wide variety of sizes, features and prices, which you can get confused about. To make the right choice, we urge you to first decide on the purposes for which you need this device. We will provide you with 9 useful tips and start by clarifying your needs.

Laptop types

The first thing to do is determine your needs. Laptops can be divided into the following categories:

Notebooks for business

Laptops with a calm design (usually matte surfaces, black or metallic, strict lines) and the absence of additional multimedia elements. Whether you’re a manager or a student and your main goal is writing and editing texts, operating spreadsheets and creating presentations, then you prefer a laptop with a comfortable keyboard, a solid design that can withstand the stress of active use, a clear screen and a durable battery.

Versatile laptops

If you’re planning on using it for a little bit of everything or sharing with family members, you might want to consider an inexpensive 15-inch laptop that’s likely to be in a specific location most of the time and weight isn’t a factor. This option does not have a pronounced positioning and is quite suitable for study, work or games, and can also take the role of the only computer in the house. If you plan to carry it with you, then consider lighter options – from 11 to 13 inches. Depending on size, RAM, and graphics capabilities, expect to spend between $300 and $800. Or you can also add Huawei laptop coupons to get these laptops at a better price.


Thin and light devices. They are distinguished by style, high autonomy, excellent performance and high price. They have an exquisite design using various alloys, carbon, glass, etc. If you are a wealthy person who wants to emphasize his status, or a user for whom mobility and design are the defining characteristics of a laptop, then an Ultrabook is for you. Unfortunately, there is no room for discrete graphics cards in a thin case, so you will have to be content with a video accelerator.

Gaming laptops

If you play the latest games, you need a laptop with a striking design, a powerful processor and graphics card, top-notch discrete graphics, a large and “fast” high-resolution screen, an optimized backlit keyboard, and powerful gaming acoustics. Such devices are very expensive and will cost $ 1,000 or more.

Creativity/Multimedia laptops

Designed with a striking design and functionality for a wide range of tasks (games, music, presentations), but primarily for video or photo editing. These are laptops with a powerful processor, discrete graphics, solid state drive (Solid State Drive / SSD) and a large display with high resolution (Full HD or higher). Be prepared to spend over $1,000.

Light web surfing / email / second computer

If you plan to use your laptop for web surfing, email, social media. networks, share your laptop with your kids, or use it as an extra along with your main PC, you can opt for an inexpensive laptop or Chromebook/Chromebook powered by Google’s Chrome OS.


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