What makes Best vastu consultant in India advocate for color vastu therapy!

Many properties consist of severe vastu defects due to color, finds Best vastu consultant in India. Let us learn the role of colors in comprising the overall vastu of any property. 

When we think about the term vastu, we assume that it tells which section of the home or office should be present in which zone of the vastu. 

Even though this is the prime aspect of vastu, this is not all there is, reminds Best vastu consultant in India. The need of using the right colors in the right zone interior is as important. 

Best vastu consultant in India finds many properties that have vastu compliant floor plan and yet due to random usage of colors, it ends up causing severe defects in it. 

Colors are as important in vastu as they are in nature. It makes everything more fulfilling and complete. So, let us learn how colors play a significant role in vastu shastra. 

The house is a single unit on a whole, but it comprises of numerous sections. One particular section is for sleeping, called the bedroom, while another particular section for cooking, called the kitchen. 

You can neither cook in bedroom, nor sleep in kitchen. That would complicate things in many ways. 

In vastu rules, the suitable zone of bedroom is different than that of kitchen. For instance, the SE and SSE zones are ideal for kitchen, while north/south/east/west any zonal bedroom has its perks. 

Mixing these zones is not recommended since it would cause imbalance of its root element and bring negativity instead. The thing about colors works in same way, says Best vastu consultant in India. 

As per vastu rules, vastuvids recommend using specific colors for different sections of the vastu. Let us see the suitable and unsuitable color shades for all the 16 zones in the vastu.

  • The water element 

4 zones; North of North West (NNW), North, North of North East (NNE) and North East (NE) are considered as water element as per vastu shastra.

The water bodies like, sea, lake or ocean appears blue in color during the day. The same changes to black during the night. Thus, it has 2 suitable colors; blue and black that can be used in these zones.

The colors of earth element (yellow) and fire element (red, pink and orange) are both forbidden in this zone. 

  • The air or wood element 

There are 3 zones in vastu that represents wood or air elements. These are; East of North East (ENE), East and East of South East (ESE).       

There are 2 suitable colors for it this element; Green which is the color of leaves and brown which is the color of wood. So, either of these 2 shades can be used in these zones.

Likewise, you must forbid using color of earth and space elements in this zone. So, avoid using shades of yellow, white, and grey.

  • The fire element 

There are 3 zones in the vastu that denotes fire element. These are South East (SE), South of South East (SSE) and south.

You can use any shade of red family in these 3 zones. It includes pink, orange, purple, etc. Best vastu consultant in India, however, recommends using light pink color for best result.

Similarly, you need to strictly avoid using any color that represents space and water element. The forbidden colors for these zones are white, grey, blue, and black.

  • The earth element 

There are 2 zones that represent the earth elements. These are South of South West (SSW) and South West (SW).

You can pick either yellow or cream for its interiors. However, only cream color is suggested by experts for SSW zone.       

Simultaneously you must avoid using any colors of wood /air and water elements. The forbidden shades are blue, black, green and brown for these zones

  • The space element

There are 4 zones in vastu that symbolizes the space element. These are West of South West (WSW), West, West of North West (WNW) and North West (NW).

The clouds appear either white or grey colors. So these 2 colors can be considered for painting the interiors of these 4 zones.

Likewise, you must refrain from using any colors that represent Fire or air elements. So, the forbidden colors include shades of red, pink, orange, brown and green for these zones.

Best vastu consultant in India also reminds that you must always stick to the color vastu guidelines while deciding the interiors of any vastu. This includes not only wall colors but also fabrics, wallpapers, tiles and furnishing.  

It is always critical to use the light shade of these colors, even the suitable ones. Using dark shades can bring depression and gloominess in the mood of the occupants.       

To get complete color vastu therapy report for your vastu, get in touch with Best vastu consultant in India only at Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- Best vastu consultant in India reveals the importance of color vastu therapy for all properties out there. 

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