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Fate/Stay Night was one of the first anime I watched. And newer shows like Fate/Zero helped to cement my passion for the genre along with the destiny world. Now with a lot of different displays and spin-offs that it can be quite intimidating for anyone desiring to enter the show. 

Now I’m gonna go through all the anime giving you a Outline without spoiling anything and speak a little bit about the source of the series. 

The order I introduce them in will be for the most part with a Few exceptions the order that I see them in, and also the order I recommend you see them if you plan on watching what. 

However if you want to see a particular show I’ll Provide you My recommendations about the background information you should have watched.Which actually isn’t too much. 

Fate/Stay Night premiered in 2006. Youmight be curious Around Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works along with Heavens Feel but we’ll get to those in a moment here. 

Now, start with what order to watch Fate watch order  — Order Wise

  • Fate Stay Night
  • Fate Zero
  • The Heavens Feel
  • Fate Apocrypha.

Fate/Grand Order The Total Demon Battlefront: Babylonia Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Fate/Prototype is an alternate Fate/Stay Night world 

Fate/Stay Night was a [Visual] publication released for Windows in 2004. I haven’t tried but chances are you can still download it

and play with it if you so wish. To the best of my knowing the sport has three Unique endings depending on which you choose your


Fate/stay night

In this version the personality Shirou ends up with saber. Well because fate likes to call people by their summoned class this could become really confusing, so let’s call her King Arthur. 

Some people do not like this one stating it is a bit Simplistic, dull, and pulls a great deal of mature tropes. Much like Shirou falling unconscious all of the time. He gets close that fatally wounded a lot which doesn’t kill him due to spoilers. 

When he’s speaking about it says folks should perish when They arefatally hurt and so we get the iconic individuals die when they are killed. 

Anyways the show does a Fantastic job of presenting the principles Of a Grail war and overall isn’t a terrible version of the

Fuyuki Grail warfare. Not my favorite but not dreadful. Following Fate/Stay Night, I would recommend seeing Fate/Zero 3movierulz

What Order To Watch Fate Series

Since this follows the launch schedule and you’ll Find some Of Fate/Zero’s references to Fate/Stay Night towards the close of the sequence. That being said I really don’t believe you will need to have watched some of the Fate/Stay Night models to fully comprehend and love Fate/Zero so that you may begin here if you would really like. 

Alternatively you can go to see Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel or Unlimited Blade Works next which I’ll push down the line only a bit more. 

Fate/Zero in my view it is much better than the first Fate/Stay Night and does a really pretty fantastic job of flushing out its own characters reasons, flies, and ideals. 

The graphics visual animation and style are also huge step up. Fate/Zero is a prequel to all the Fate/Stay Night routes but sort of assumes the Unlimited Blade Worksroute into this [visual] publication but seeing some of them should give you a good idea of what is going on. 

If I had to Choose a favorite series from the destiny world it would Have to be a tie between this person and Unlimited Blade Works. 

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Just because Rin best woman and also the detail put into each Character’s motivations are awesome. It is less of conflict of who has the larger laser and much more regarding competencies and strategic approaches. The first hour of this series is literally people just speaking in their motives and describing the grail warfare to new viewers. 

Some of the servants gather to have a philosophical Debate as opposed to fighting one point in the series and it’s one of my favourite episodes of my favorite show. I recommend following up Fate/Zero with Unlimited Blade Works. 

New viewers to the concepts of a Grail War. Of those three Stay Night route that is the route that focuses on Rin Tohsaka and reveals that the many about Shirou Emiya. 

The visuals are on par if not slightly better than that of Fate/Zero providing it the nickname of Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Budget. 

This really is like I said earlier probably one of my favorite Shows of this universe and urge everyone to watch it if you are familiar with Fate or never. 

Shirou still gets smashed up like from the anime But not really as much. If I remember all the Fate displays have a good amount of blood yet this one was towards the very top. 

Just be aware if you are sensitive to blood. Fate/Stay Night Heavens Feel is the only series that is sort of element of in my opinion the core of Fate. I recommend having watched at least one or 2 additional avenues. That’s why I recommend seeing that 2006 Fate/Stay Night or Unlimited Blade Works before watching Heavens Feel. 

I’m just going to Discuss the first two of 3 movies Since the next came out March of 2020, a couple months prior to writing this. 

The Heavens Feel route to my understanding targets Sakura Mato also it is unquestionably the most perplexing of the 3 routes. That is the reason I recommend being watched at least one of their other two so you’ve got an overall idea of the way the Grail Wars work. 

I do not really know how to describe it without spoiling too Much but I state this is probably my favorite of those three and also the one where Shirou is really the most bothersome which may be saying just a tiny bit. If you prefer Sakuraor just are interested more destiny articles you’ll be able to see it but frankly I would not judge you for jumping on this one. 

There are so many other things going on other than just the Grail warfare it can be hard to keep an eye on. At this point if you’re following along, I would consider you well-versed at the heart of this Fate universe.You captured the functions of a Grail War down and happen to be released into the core throw in a couple of different incarnations. 

Now it is time to partially break that mould That Has been Constructed over the last three shows and observe fate Apocrypha. 

I slaughter that didn’t I. Uhh, it is time to see this one If you’re like myself and also you also help spelling it just type ‘fate apocalypse’ to Google and you should find the wiki for this. Though I saw it after obtaining through the core of  fate series watch order  the Stay Night paths and Zero you need to be able to just pick it up chilly or be sitting pretty good after only one show. 

At the start there’s a small bone to be thrown to those who Have watched Fate/Zero but it clarifies everything and brings a newtake into the storytelling designs of their very first few. 

The show also occurs in parallel world to Fate/Stay Night if you truly want to get into the specifics but that is a headache to sort out in my opinion and will need a different read. 

To Provide You with the premise, another faction from the normal one Has got the grail do ascertain its owner the grail starts a Grail War with double the servants. That is both the black and red factions receive a set of servants and also fightover the ownership of this Grail. 

Story telling wise the narrative does not focus on that for really Long it moves on to some personality focus storyline. I would recommend this to anyone no matter how far into the fate universe they’re. 

The next one I’m going to touch briefly on is grand Order initial purchase. This can be a stand alone episode which covers the very first singularity in the Fate/ Grand Order game. Having played with the gameI watched the anime for perhaps 15 minutes left it overnight and the next day because I could recall anything different I just dropped it. 

I really don’t recommend seeing it if you intend on or have played The Fate/Grand Order cellular game. Otherwise I recommend watching before some of the additional Fate/Grand Order installations because it offers you a great amount of background knowledge on how the Grand Order and the way the Chaldeas works. 

Now we’re going totake a short break out of Grand Order and Talk about the additional universe. The writer the original Fate/Stay Night and the author of fate additional [visual] book wrote a first a narrative called Fate/Extra Last Encore. 

Many people said it was bad and myself needing to Google and Ending explanation is not an excellent sign. The author generally writes a whole lot longer winded material in comparison with some short 13-episode anime, Fate/Stay Night is about 40-50 hours, so writing first anime storyline isn’t what he is used to. 

Either way it was a little mind-bending and that I enjoyed it and Would not not recommend it. To get a short synopsis from my understanding there’s a moon Holy Grail which was set up in a digital universe. Details from Stay Night are placed through a brief school before having to fight to the death to be able to enter into a tower of seven floor. Once into the tower they fed with his masters to climb the tower and possess the moon Holy Grail give their wish. 

There are a lot of spins and it is kind of interesting so Again I wouldn’t not recommend it. It is sort of out of sequence out of my list but I will pay the other shows in the Fate/Grand Order universe and recommend on these you have either played or viewed at least the first singularity. As it provides you a great idea about what is going on and everything else could be pieced together or it is explained. 

Fate/Grand Order The Complete Demon Battlefront: Babylonia Is a new fate show in 2019 and 2020. I definitely recommend checking it

out. I have only watched a couple of episodes but things are getting interesting and I hope it to continue this way. 

From the Fate/Grand Order match, at least when I last played, There are just seven singularities and this particular anime focuses on the one. There is an episode zero which I recommend everyone checking out that talks regarding Dr. Romani and Mash. With only a

few more serieses to proceed that is where my comprehension gets secondhand. 

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