What Should You Consider Before Buying a laptop?

Laptop is everyone’s need these days. Due to Covid-19 and global digital transformation, everyone is either is taking classes or lectures from home. Or working for office from home. That is why, laptop is everyone’s need. 

But before you buy a laptop, you should consider some basic things and understand their importance:

1. Choose your laptop size

You need to determine how portable your laptop is. Let’s classify by display size:

  • 11 to 12 inches: The thinnest and lightest laptops with screens between 11 and 12 inches often weigh less than 1.3 kg (many Chromebooks fall into this category). But for some users, the screen and keyboard will be limited.
  • 13″ to 14″: This size provides the best balance of portability and ease of use. Laptops with 13- or 14-inch screens typically weigh over 1.5 kg and fit easily on your lap, while the keyboard and screen size is quite acceptable.
  • 15 inches: This is the most popular size. 15-inch laptops tend to be the most affordable and usually weigh between 2.2kg and 2.7kg unless you plan on carrying it around all the time – it’s just right for you. Almost all 15-inch models have a DVD drive.
  • 17-inch and up: If you prefer the largest possible screen size, a 17-18-inch can give you the processing power you need, support modern games, or achieve workstation-level performance. A laptop this size can be packed with a quad-core processor, a powerful discrete graphics card, and multiple storage drives. Only it is better not to carry it with you, the weight of such a laptop is from 3 kg.

2. Check your keyboard and touchpad

Even the most advanced features in the world pale if the laptop has bad ergonomics. Ask yourself a few questions to test this important quality: Does the keyboard have solid tactile feedback and is there enough space between the keys? How does the touchpad (Touchpad) work, are there any dead zones? How comfortable is the mouse to use, if one is provided in the kit?

If you’re buying a Windows 8.1 laptop, test the touchpad to make sure it works well. Huawei offer good keyboards and touchpads.

3. Notebook configuration

Notebook specifications such as processor, hard drive, RAM and graphics chip can be confusing for many, don’t be discouraged if the set of specifications in your head turns into a mess. What you need depends on what you plan to do with the laptop. More demanding tasks such as 3D gaming and HD video editing require more expensive components.

4. Don’t skimp on the battery

No one wants to be chained to an outlet, even if it is within reach. When buying a 15-inch laptop, please note that its battery must withstand at least 4 hours without recharging. If you’re planning on being mobile enough, look for models that offer more than 6 hours of battery life, ideally more than 7 hours. The longest lasting battery in business laptops. 

They do without recharging for 10 to 20 hours. To determine laptop battery life, read user reviews and third-party analysts, and don’t just rely on manufacturer claims. Actual battery life will vary depending on screen brightness and the nature of the tasks being performed. If you want a laptop with good battery, go for Huawei matebook e super device as it has a super battery as well.

Pay extra for an extended battery if you have the option, you won’t regret it. And note that some laptops have non-removable batteries that you can’t update on your own.

5. Hybrid 2-in-1 or traditional laptop?

With the launch of Windows 8, a number of laptops with a hybrid design appeared, which are transforming into tablets. Including the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, whose body folds out 360 degrees.

If you like the idea of ​​using your laptop in tablet mode from time to time, then the Huawei might be the all-around choice. But if you want more flexibility when using the device as a standalone tablet, then a detachable design is a better fit.


If you want to buy a good and top-grade laptop for yourself, Huawei mate book e super device should your choice. It not only has good and high-quality features but also has an attractive price point.

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