What to Get From Day Timer?

You forgot to attend a meeting, you missed a birthday party, and then you completely mismanaged your time to plan for your wedding. How disastrous does this sound? Truth be told, we all have been victims of mismanagement. There are many among us, who plan everything. They like to know what the next day looks like for them. Day-Timer is best.

However, there are many for whom procrastination works as an intrinsic motivator. These are not the only categories we are all divided in. There is a third. The ones who try their best to remember and plan things but fail because of their recklessness. The majority of us sadly fall in the third category. To help us plan better, businesses dedicate their entire product ranges. They introduced us to planners, reminders, notes, and whatnot.

Gladly, we found Day-Timer Planners. The planner caters to both our professional and personal time management. Be it an important business pitch you have to organize or prepare for your wedding. The extensive range of planners helps us in all ways. With the Day-Timer promo code, we get a discount on all their services and products.

If you have not yet heard of Day-Timer, fret not! We have made a list of their best-seller products which are readily available on their site.

Day-Timer Planners

Let us ask you a question, how do you keep a tab of all your activities? Alexa is surely helpful but technological advancement cannot plan on your behalf. At least not until now. To help you plan and organize your thoughts, Day-Timer has a range of planners for us to choose from. The recently launched 20 Months Advanced Planner is among best-sellers.

The compact size planner is easily carriable. On the inside, you will find boxes with the date and time on the headers. You can conveniently stay aware of your progress and plan accordingly. The brilliant part about this planner is how each page features a full two-month calendar. We don’t have to keep tossing pages or open access a calendar separately, as the planner features one on each page.

You can also get the monthly planner notebook, which is available in different sizes. We love the black compact one. To help you understand how a planner works, Day-Timer has included a guide on the very first page. You can add your personal information on the form attached with it. From important details to unforgettable dates, mark it all in your Day-Timer planner.

Day-Timer Planner Covers

To stay motivated, we prefer to jot down in notebooks that are sleek-looking. It’s a human psychic that we get motivated by appearance. Just like gym wear motivates us to workout and pretty utensils encourage us to cook more often.

Day-Timer is well acquainted with our needs. The brand offers planner covers in three categories. Loose leaf, wire bound, and leather. Our grandparents loved keeping their notebooks as intact as possible while we are more into how modish the design is. Gladly, Day-Timer has a wide range of both.

You can customize your cover as per your requirements. From dated to undated and sewn to rings, Day-Timer offers complete freedom in personalizing our planners. You can choose the leather type you want. The brand has both pure and faux leather available. Different textures and prints are also available under the cover sections.

Day-Timer Accessories

We love brands that offer complementary or essential products alongside the main product. Planner, notebooks, and calendars are of no use without certain accessories. We love how Day-Timer has a massive collection of different accessories to help us plan better.

We can choose our style from the sidebar. If you are looking for floral accessories, different flowery stickers are available in bulk quantities. You can also explore the file pockets with multiple holes to attach different documents and notes. Day-Timer provides us with indicators and locators as well.

Remember, how Monica from Friends loves organizing picture books and her planners? Well, if you have the same agenda then there is no accessory that you won’t find at Day-Timer. We love the floral background refillable notepads. They are available in multiple sizes and numerous other designs.

We can find transparent pouches to keep our planners and pens in from Day-Timer. The store also offers stationeries that assist us in maintaining a planner. We hope after reading this article, you will make your planner purchase from Day-Timer. As no other store has such massive range and budget-friendly products.

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