What’s Harder? Scooter Riding vs Skateboarding

The question was asked, “what is harder skateboarding or scooter riding?” The answer may not be what you think.

        Many people would say skateboarding because of the tricks involved. But many others might argue that it’s actually easier to do tricks on a scooter than it is on a skateboard. Really, no matter what you’re doing, trick riding or just cruising around. Skateboarding and scooter riding can both be equally difficult depending on the person. Based on our studies and experiments we have come to a conclusion that it is exactly the same difficulty level.

        For example, one week we had a skate session and another we had a scooter session. Then the next week it would be switched up. We’d have a scooter sesh, then the following day we’d go skateboarding. It was impossible to tell which one of those activities were harder based on our experience riding each one.

        The reason why everyone thinks that it’s easier to ride a scooter is because the action of standing on a platform while moving forward is probably the ‘simplest’ form of riding for beginners. It might look easy but it’s actually harder than it looks. That, and most people find skateboarding super easy until they try to land their first ollie (we all know how frustrating that is). But it’s the same with scooters because you also have to find just the right balance between speed and balance.

        Another factor that makes scooter riding harder than skateboarding is learning tricks, but if you’re just trying to ride around then it might be easier to cruise on a scooter unless you want to do tricks. The reason why scooters are trickier is because they don’t come with all the same features as skateboards, like kick tails for example. It’s way easier to learn ollies and kick flips on a regular skateboard than it is on a scooter.

 common mistake that people make is comparing scooters with skateboards.

The way that scooter riding is different than skateboarding is that you have to lean back when trying to maintain your balance, instead of leaning forward like you do on a skateboard. It’s crucial to keep yourself balanced at all times, otherwise it would be really easy for you to fall off and get hurt.

        We’re not saying that you should completely ignore your scooter and go skateboarding instead, no. If you have a scooter or even a long board, don’t limit yourself to using it as a mode of transportation only. There are plenty of tricks out there for those too, but try out both to see which one you might like better. Until then, just keep riding and practicing. We’re sure you’ll get the hang of it before too long!

        If you still find that scooter riding is easier than skateboarding there are three main reasons that might be why.

 First, because scooters are smaller in size they are easier to control when you ride them. So basically the closer the object is to your body, the easier it will be for you to control. Second, skateboards can easily become unbalanced because of their larger size and the position that you have to hold them in. Thirdly, scooters are made with small hand grips so it’s simpler for smaller hands to maneuver them.

        There are a few more factors that can be included as well. For example, taller kids might find it harder to skateboard than younger kids because their weight is different and they have more experience being on a board. Just something small to take into consideration if you happen to be on the heavier side for your age. But really there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to the difficulty level.

        Skateboarding and scooter riding can be hard or easy depending on who’s doing it. Again, the only real difference is how close your object is to your body and if you’re taller or not. If you still need help figuring out which one you think might be easier just ask yourself if it’s better for you to lean forward or back. If you think you’d be better leaning back, and then get a scooter because that’s the normal way of riding one. But if you suppose that leaning forward is more suitable, either get a skateboard or make your own!

        In conclusion, both skateboarding and scooter riding are extremely popular sports that can be played by people of all ages. The differences between them are slim, but if you’re having trouble deciding which one might be easier for you to learn the basics on try leaning forward or back while riding your object. If it’s more comfortable to lean forward when you ride, then get a skateboard. If you’re more comfortable leaning back, then get a scooter because that’s what you do to control it.

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