Which are the best free online marketing tools?

Looking forward to expanding your business online and feeling puzzled about which online marketing tool will give you desired results and assist you in growing your empire?

Then this article will clear some air for you as in this article we will be sharing some of the best free online marketing tools.

So, let’s check them out without spending any more time.

Best Free Online Marketing Tools.


Mailchimp comes among the one the topmost and best email marketing service providers and digital marketing tools that have more than 12 million customers.

You can say it is the pioneer of email marketing because Mailchimp has started delivering email marketing services way before many companies.

MailChimp also offers a Self-service support option which makes sure that your query gets quickly resolved along with a special offer to its users.

The offer is that users who have subscribers less than 2000 and those who don’t send emails above 12,000 per month will get a free plan.

So, it was advised to use Mailchimp, when you are commencing a business when you are starting a business, it is evident that you will not have 2000 subscribers, so you can start with a free version and upgrade your plan as subscribers grow.


Are you looking for an all one marketing software through which you can access all the tools which will assist you in SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Lead Management, landing pages, email, analytics, and call to action?

Then, considering HubSpot will be a great option as it has all the tools at the sole destination of all of your marketing requirements and needs and that enhances your possibilities of finding success in the initial days and assists you in growing.

And when we talk about Marketing, sales, and CRM software, Hubspot is on the top hill.


In a report, it has been found that 75% of the users have stated that chatting and texting is a very reliable and fast way to get in touch with the company as compared to email or phone.

And that’s where Mobile Monkey enters the show. Mobile Monkey is an online digital marketing tool that tackles the above situation by providing a chat marketing Automation tool that enables customers and companies to connect with each other through Chat.

The major attribute which makes MobileMonkey the best free online marketing tool is that it channelizes user’s all preferred messaging channels.

For instance:- Instagram DM’s, SMS text Messaging, Live Chat, and Facebook messenger.


One more worthy Digital marketing tool which has the potential to boost your business online and help you expand.

What Trello basically does is take you and all of your team to the same table, in simple words, it makes sure before the piece of content went live, it gets reviewed by your team so that the particular piece of content will be strengthened more and gets rectified if there is something missing or need to be added.

It is a perfect tool to collaborate with your team and get the best out of it by channelizing the views and thoughts of team members.


Last but not a light one, Hootsuite is a tremendous tool that allows you to manage social media profiles on over 30 platforms so that you will get the best out of social media and there is no doubt that social media plays a very significant role in growing a business and it can’t be ignored for sure.

That’s why choosing Digital marketing tools like Hootsuite will be a great choice. All the major Digital Marketing agencies including Battersea Web Expert which is an expert digital marketing agency also use these types of tools to grow businesses. 

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