Why 24/7 Customer Support is so Important for Your Business

Rightly or wrongly, we now live in a world where people expect everything instantly and without having to put much effort into getting it. Fast food, instant messengers, microwave ovens, instant eWallet payments, online shopping, and so on. We’re used to instantaneous convenience. This relates to so many aspects of everyday life, including business.

So, when a customer of your business has an issue, question, or concern he wants to raise with it, he will want help immediately. Gone are the days of phoning during business hours, waiting till the next day for an email reply – no, your customer wants satisfying now. You’re not the only business offering what you offer. So getting this wrong will just hand your customers to a competitor.

Did you know that over 50% of the world’s global population has stopped doing business with a company simply because of poor customer service? This just highlights how important it is to be on the button when it comes to the customer support that your business offers. Your customer has to be able to reach you and get a satisfactory resolution 24 hours a day.

Here are the main reasons why:

  • Customers Need Real-time Support: Imagine a customer is browsing your products and services, is close to making a purchase but just wants a few questions answered. If he cannot get those answers, there is a good chance he goes elsewhere.
  • The customer is based in a different time zone: The world is now connected, and businesses often seek customers from different countries and continents. If your customer service is only available for office hours in your local time zone, again, you could lose that customer.
  • To Increase Sales Conversions: Quick responses via a human support team will certainly lead to satisfied customers and an improved conversion rate. You could create chatbot to do this too or to use for late-night support.
  • To Keep Existing Customers Happy: If you have loyal customers that continually buy from you, keeping them happy is pivotal. Not only will they continue to purchase from you, they often spread the word of the wonderful quality customer service you provide.
  • To improve leads: Often it will not be a customer at that is trying to connect with your business. It might be a prospective customer that just needs a last nudge before buying. So, your customer support also needs to market your business to grab those conversions.

As you can see, without excellent support, your business will suffer.

So What Should Your Customer Support Provide?

For one thing, customer support is more than just availability. Sure, it’s great if customers have someone or some software to contact, but if the support they receive is worthless, there is no point in having it. Your support needs to be responsive so that customers do not have to wait long for responses. It must be effective so that the customers know their questions are being heard and dealt with efficiently.

Your support must strive to keep everybody happy. This could be with discounts, promotions, offers, or anything else that will prevent them from leaving for a competitor.


Yes, quality support can be expensive, especially when it is the human type and especially if it is 24/7. However, you can offset this cost with chatbots and other software that can fill the gaps, and often provide the support that is just as effective as actual support agents. Plus, the cost of your support will always be worth it compared to the loss of leads, conversions, and profits!

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