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Safety comes with a cost when you are holding an important position. Maintaining your safety is important for you to conduct your duty fairly. It is common for you to travel to places to complete your duty. Other than this, we travel to places for personal reasons as well. It is important to safeguard your travel as well.

                        Armored vehicle is designed and built to resist bullets and explosions. The vehicle’s natural tendency is to protect the passengers sitting in the vehicle. With the increased growth of production and technical needs in this era, demand has also increased.

Armored vehicles offer multiple benefits-

                                                Primarily used for protection against danger. The armored vehicles ensure safety. They can also be used for transporting valuable assets as well as confidential things. Multiple companies deal with high profile clients, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their clients.    

                        Traditional, modern, regular cars have one thing in common- windows. There is no discretion between them. The armored vehicles are extremely discreet and keep attention at bay. They are armed with bullet proof glasses and body, heavily powered engine, etc. These features are required to safeguard the passengers and drivers during emergency situations.

                                                                                                                                    Optimal security is another feature as to why armored vehicles are popular and in service. During hostile situations, the security prevents injuries, loss of life.

                                                The enhanced technology and attributes which are not generally found in common and regular vehicles provide an extra layer of protection. Enhanced suspension, armored plates, bulletproof glass adds to the security. These vehicles are mostly preferred by government officials, military, executives, celebrities, and high profile guests.

                        Ballistic protection and blast resistance capability makes the vehicle absolutely ideal for ensuring safety. There are different types of materials and armors that can fit in the car including heavy machinery.

            The ballistic glass can withstand great pressure as well as compression when it’s hit by a bullet. The body of an armored car is made of robust, high tensile material which can survive the heavy impacts during an explosion. The glass comes with a multi-layer of flexible polycarbonate and brittle glass. During an attack, the polycarbonate layer breaks and the brittle glass absorbs the energy.

                        With the increased incidents like kidnapping, terrorism, attacks, demand for the armored vehicle has grown exponentially around the globe. The interior of the car is also made of ballistic fibre to safeguard from impacts above and below. The ballistic steel of the body is stronger as compared to other vehicles. Casing is built for parts like engines, dashboards, as well as seats.

                        Unique flat tires are fitted in the armored vehicles; this enables the vehicle to travel for a longer time even after the tires have been attacked. Fuel tanks are well secured and are armored to reduce the risk of damage during attacks.

Armored vehicle manufacturers are always in a lookout to increase the safety and security for their customers as well as make sure they are comfortable while travelling.

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