Why I choose WOW! Internet?

WOW! Internet is one of the leading internet service providers here in the United States. The internet service provider offers its services in up to six highly populated states of the country and is right up there in the list of internet service providers that are deemed to go on to bigger and better things in the near future regarding its plans, bundling opportunities and overall customer satisfaction. The internet service provider has in recent times been credited with punching way above its weight and that is exactly why we adore the company. Though there are many advantages and disadvantages to having WOW! Internet as an internet service provider at your household, which we will be discussing in-depth later on, one should analyze both the advantages and the disadvantages accordingly to make a sound judgment on whether or not to have WOW! Internet as the internet service provider that they would want for their homes.

When we say that a consumer or customer should analyze the advantages and disadvantages according to their personality and persona. What we meant to say is that one should keep an open mind as to what they want and then make the decision that would benefit them the most.

Why Should You Choose WOW! Internet

The best thing that you could potentially do for yourself is that you analyze and see every aspect of WOW! Internet that would benefit you and every aspect of the internet service provider that you would feel is a rather bad option or quality to have in an internet service provider i.e. a quality that does increase your overall utility vs a quality that does not increase your overall utility.

Below we have some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of getting an internet connection from this specific internet service provider.


Things That We Like About WOW! Internet

  • Faster speeds than most of the internet service providers out there
  • No contracts at all
  • An easily customizable Wi-Fi service

Things That We Do Not Like About WOW! Internet

  • Very limited availability
  • Wi-Fi fees tend to add up


WOW! Internet Prices and Plans

WOW! Internet Plans and PackagesStarting Price per Month*Price After The Promotional Period of 12 MonthsMaximum Internet Download Speeds
WOW! Internet 100$34.99 a month$49.99 a month100 Mbps
WOW! Internet 200$44.99 a month$59.99 a month200 Mbps
WOW! Internet 500$54.99 a month$69.99 a month500 Mbps
WOW! Internet Gig$74.99 a month$89.99 a month1,000 Mbps

Note*: The prices for both; the pre promotional time and for the post promotional time are based on the currently provided information and are subject to change at the discretion of the internet service provider, WOW! Internet.

Choosing The Right WOW! Internet Plan for Your Home Internet


WOW! Internet 100

Best for: A Total of 1 – 3 Devices

Recommended for: When you only have a maximum internet download speed of just 100 Mbps, then we can safely assume that not a lot of devices will run efficiently on that level of internet download speed. This speed is best for when you have a very small number of people living in the same household or for when you have just a s=very small number of devices that would be connected to the internet around the clock. The small number of devices that are connected would then be able to perfectly stream their shows and digital content with ease all while using and enjoying their social media profiles.

WOW! Internet 200

Best for: A Total of 1 – 5 Devices

Recommended for: Similar to the WOW! Internet 100 internet plan, the internet service provider has aimed at a more comfortable internet plan somewhat near the same price tag as the internet plan that is given above. The WOW! Internet 200 is for small families as well, however, the number of devices that easily function or enjoy the internet service is greater than what the WOW! Internet 100 plan has to offer.

WOW! Internet 500

Best for: A Total of 1 – 10 Devices

Recommended for: This internet plan from WOW! Internet is perfect for medium-sized families who look forward to that one Saturday evening where the entire family could gather around the TV set and stream their favorite show or watch their favorite movie online without facing any problems at all with the Wi-Fi connection and internet speed.

WOW! Internet Gig

Best for: More Than 10 Devices

Recommended for: The biggest internet plan on offer from WOW! Internet. This is highly recommended for big families who look forward to watching HD and 4K content whenever they want.

Note*: The prices for both the pre promotional time and for the post promotional time are based on the currently provided information and are subject to change at the discretion of the internet service provider, WOW! Internet.

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