Why opt for the Apple Sign-in extension for Magento 2?

Back in 2019, the release of Apple’s iOS 13 gained massive eyeballs. Everyone was talking about its new and improved functionality and features, and one such feature was the sign-up options. It was the beginning of “Sign in with Apple”. It was an easy, convenient, and user-friendly alternative to the tiresome process of signing up and signing in to an app or website.

But it was not something new. Facebook, Twitter, Google offered similar options to the users for signing in to the application. Apple had to do something that not only just made it stand out from the competition but would instate its brand identity. Apple is all about privacy, and not to everyone’s surprise, this alternative sign-in option was launched with characteristics that protect your privacy more than the similar available options.

In this blog, we would be diving deeper into Apple Sign-in options and the benefits of the Apple sign-in extension for Magento 2.

Apple Sign-in for ecommerce sites– Faster and Safer

The problem statement

According to statistics, 76% of visitors avoid filling registration forms on ecommerce sites. If you are new in business, you don’t want people to load a cart and abandon it because of the laborious signup process. Ecommerce sites of all the other types of websites and applications have a need to ask for multiple things from the users. Meanwhile, people would like to give you the address details, they would hate it if you want them to select the username, choose a password for the account, etc. People need a secure method to sign in, where they can trust their personal information would not be leaked.

The solution

People love the convenience that social logins provide. Since the sharing of information is widely seen on ecommerce websites and applications, it is necessary to meet the growing demands of your customer base.

Magento 2 extensions are available in the market where you can add the Apple Sign-in option for faster and safer login to the users. They offer one-click login, and can quickly create accounts on your Magento 2 website using Apple Account Credentials.

As an admin, you would see fewer spam accounts, lesser abandoned carts, and higher conversion rates. It also allows you to offer more secured login options such as two-factor authentication and would reduce the maintenance cost too.

Features of Apple Sign-in Extensions for Magento 2 websites

1.  Faster Sign-ins

You can start offering people special promotional gifts to motivate customers to create an account on your website. You can save a lot of money in the long-run by offering a simple, faster, and safer login option such as Apple sign-in.  The easier you make the login and signup process the more visitors you get, and the better is the browsing experience to reduce the bounce rate on the site.

2.  The trustworthy solution to your problems

Reducing bounce rate is necessary as it affects your SEO ranking to a great extent. By offering a simpler signup process, you can allow your users to stay on your website for a longer time.

Talking of credibility, Apple is a trusted name when it comes to putting privacy as the top priority. 96% of customers are concerned about the lack of privacy for their account, adding the Apple Sign-in option on the Magento2 website is going to reflect positively on your brand.

With features such as a two-factor authentication system, users will understand how seriously you take security on your website.

3.  Customized solution for Magento 2 website

If you have a mobile application and website, it becomes more important for you to make login easy for your users. A one-tap login would be a great addition to the platform as it would take user-experience on your online platforms to the next level. Single-click and your users can access their account on Magento 2 website or an application via the Apple Sign-in extension.

4.  Prevent Frauds and Spam Accounts

Apple login is quite advanced; it employs on-device machine learning and takes into account other factors that help you to understand the user archetype. based on the gathered data, it would provide a privacy-friendly indicator allowing you to trust if a genuine person is signing up on your platform. This is highly valuable as a business wonder.

5.  Seamless experience

User-experience is a top priority. If you can make visitors log-in to your website in a few seconds it can’t get better. Social logins, especially the security and faster ones such as Apple sign-in extensions for Magento 2 website are going to improve user experience to a great extent.

6.  Complexity

Apple sign-in extensions for Magento 2 are very easy to integrate into the websites. They save a lot of time, as a business owner or a developer you would find it convenient. It just requires a developer to paste the code and the module will do the rest. No additional coding is required.

Benefits of adding Social Login

  • Easy and quick registration
  • Increased user sign-ups
  • Decreased cart abandonment
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • No password needed
  • Fewer login failures
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Helps in target marketing
  • Convenient
  • Helps you build your email list.

Apple sign-in extension can help you improve your user experience to a great length. It allows your users to come on board fast and shortens their checkout time too. It also helps you extend your email list as it offers original email addresses to you on one-tap logins. Happy you, happy customer, great business; there is nothing that is there to not like about Apple Sign-in Extension for Magento 2.

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