Why Should You Get ISO 27001 Certification?

An ISMS (Information Security Management System) can help your organization risk assessment and prevent data breaches. However, to validate this operational framework, you need the approval of the only acceptable international standard, i.e. ISO 27001.

It includes several business-driven assessments that help identify and eliminate security threats from your organization’s management system.

In 2020, there was a 17% increase in the total ISO 27001 certification issued. It can be highly harmful to a company to lose the client’s sensitive information.

Besides, you can keep a check on risks by adhering to several security standards. There are multiple benefits of getting ISO 27001 certification.

Read the following article to learn some of them.

Safeguards Reputation Against Security Threats.

Never assume that cybercriminals only target high-profile organizations to breach security threats. Small or medium-sized businesses are equally likely to face ransomware or hacking situations.

Moreover, losing confidential data can bring you a bad reputation in the market, so it’s better to be safe beforehand.

ISO 27001’s framework focuses on handling data safety by strengthening domains like people, technology, and processes. It will also tell you the policies you should document and the kind of staff training needed.

Ensures Client Satisfaction.

If you think about it, cybercriminals don’t take a day off. The number of cyber victims in organisations increases day after day and leaves the investors concerned. Customer retention becomes an incredibly tough task for such workplaces.

However, if you can display your ISO 27001 certification, you can assure your future and current clients about data security. Your organization is likely to garner positive marketing with proper risk assessment.

Meets Legal and Contractual Requirements.

ISO 27001 Annex A.18 discusses contractual and legal prerequisites. Here, the final goal is to avoid any regulatory breach or obligation that can result in hefty penalties.

In short, your organization must implement the latest documents and has set regulations in place.

The majority of these requirements are listed under ISO 27001. As a result, there is no need to deploy secondary processes to ensure the same.

Improves Strategies and Processes.

Apart from cyber security, ISO 27001 also highly affects the internal structure of your organisation. Annex A.12 states certain requirements for documented operational procedures and essential processes.

These can be further used to work on capacity management and control information backup. As a result, all company members have a better understanding of security guidelines to follow.

Avoids Regulatory Fines.      

Data offenses can lead to court cases where you might pay a significant percentage of your company’s annual turnover. For example, British Airways paid 1.5% of its yearly revenue following a data breach affecting 500,000 people.

ISO 27001 considerably lowers the risk of your company falling prey to cybercriminals.

Final Words.

In today’s digital era, it has become a lot simpler to store data. You don’t need a separate record room with tons of labeled files. Instead, all information is now stored on online database management systems.

But along with easy access, the security risk also increases significantly. Hackers can steal the confidential data on your system and disrupt all your operations.

However, getting ISO 27001 certification can lower this risk. It is an internationally recognized security standard that helps identify security threats and improve them before any potential harm occurs.

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