Why Should You Remove Old Attic Insulation?

Insulation in the home keeps the allergens, pests, air, and moisture out of the house. If it has been years since the current insulation in your home, it is time that you remove the old one so you can enjoy the benefits of new insulation in your home. Old and rotten insulation is home to numerous diseases, and it will not be able to protect the home from unwanted things. Different types of insulation in the home place different roles, but it is essential to replace the old insulation so it does not become a hindrance in the prime purpose of the insulation. The reasons why you should opt for replacement of old insulation are given below:

Home to pests:

The old insulation will become home to rodents and pests with the passage of time. They will start nesting in fiberglass or cellulose, reducing the functioning of insulation. All the pests, mice, rodents will start using it as their place, thus damaging the cellulose, which in turn will not be beneficial for you to use. It will also become difficult for you to find the rodents at your place, but if you notice animal stool nearby, they have started living in it, which means your place has been exposed to numerous diseases. And to avoid that, you need to replace the old insulation. 

Health hazards:

Old insulation means an invitation to health hazards. Attics usually have moisture issues and are dark and damp, which means that attics are ideal homes for mold and asbestos. Mold is a danger to your health because it will bring breathing problems and several other mild and severe allergies. If people in your home are already allergic to something, then mold will make it severe. 

The air entering your home will have a lot of pollutants and allergens, which will get trapped in the insulation. You will face breathing problems if you do not come up with a solution. Replace old insulation with the new one is your best available option so you can improve your and your family’s health. 

Air quality:

If there is pest and rodent’s infestation in insulation and if the attic is moldy, it will be the source of diseases as well as affect the air quality. You need to ensure that the indoor air quality remains good, or else it will become difficult for you to survive. The home is supposed to feel fresh and a place where you can relax, but if the inside air quality is the same as the outside, you will not find your place relaxing. Rather you will feel frustrated and restless in your own home. In order to ensure improved air quality, it is better to replace the old insulation so you can enjoy good-quality air. 


It is vital that you pay attention to insulation and replace it within time. A newly installed insulation will be energy efficient, saving you money, and each month you will not have to spend much on heating and cooling facilities for your home. In order to make your home energy-efficient and reduce the utility bills, you should replace the old insulation

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