With Covid 19 Pandemic Should Buyers Be Bringing Their Own Takeaway Containers To Buy Food?

CoronaVirus or what we call the COVID-19 had turned the world upside down and had made the world gone into a frenzy for a lot of time but slowly and gradually things are getting back to normal.
It’s not normal everywhere as there are countries in some parts of the world that are still on some form of lockdown but with mass vaccinations going on, there is hope that the battle may be over soon, there is hope. 

As COVID-19 started to spread around the world, the world was put to a halt.
Nothing could move, nothing could be manufactured, there was little or no economic activity, so in simpler words, the world was put to a halt.
As time passed, things started to ease and restaurants and other businesses started their economic activities slowly and gradually.
Businesses that provided food services or sold them were not allowed to have dine-ins open at first and so they went to the alternative to keep their business afloat, which was either to have Customers do Takeaway or get the food delivered to them, in any case, their customers wanted to eat their food from them. 

So, as a result, we had to come up with the most used takeaway containers singapore that are used today in Singapore so that whenever you order food you know which package to receive or to pick it yourself.

Here are the 7 more common types of takeaway packaging used in Singapore!

Styrofoam Boxes-

Pretty sure this wasn’t needed to have been brought up, right? If you’re already aware, this packaging is used for the famous Singaporean “Cai Png” (Mixed Vegetable Rice) package.
Also, have you ever noticed the odd numbers or phrases engraved onto the top of the box? This is used to distinguish your order and to tell the cashier the cost of your order. 

These takeaway boxes are also commonly used for chicken rice, western cuisine, and other similar items. 

The Brown Paper-

What do you look for in pre-packaged chicken rice? It’s brown paper! They’re also popular in duck rice, roti prata, and fried carrot cake! Don’t you think this piece of brown paper always makes your meal feel and taste exceptionally delicious?

The Plastic Container-

These, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes and sizes! Soup, rice, noodles, anything you can think of, these badasses can handle it! They can also be microwaved! They usually cost $0.20 extra as well. Bring your own containers if you want some inexpensive thrills (and to help to environmental conservation efforts)!

The Plastic Bag with Red String-

Have you ever observed your auntie or uncle tying the bag in such a quick manner while ensuring that the end result appears like a water balloon? Because that is what I did! I even give it a go myself lol. It may be used to make noodles, soup, and even drinks. It also comes in several sizes, with the smallest being used for your chili.

The Opeh Leaf-

Have you ever tried fried hokkien prawn noodles or an oyster omelet in one of these? It’s really tasty and aromatic! Opeh leaf improves the “wok hei” flavor of the meals! It’s not as frequent these days, but if you find one, try it!

The Banana Leaf-

Banana leaf, like opeh leaf, will improve the meal wrapped in it. It produces antioxidants as well as a slight sweetness. You can usually locate these when you buy nasi lemak or otah! Don’t you believe the smokiness of the burned leaves from grilling the otah improves the flavor? YES!

The White Cardboard-

Typically used for take-out Tze char orders. Don’t you believe the boxes make it easy to transport your food? Even while it is holding your “hor fun,” the gravy will remain intact! It’s like unlocking a treasure box when you find a piece of plastic wrapped around your meal!

The Kong-

You’ll certainly receive strange stares if you use the kong, or tin can, these days, but it was a common way to acquire coffee in the 1960s and 1970s. Blue-collar employees found them very handy — in locations like construction sites, it is safer to hang a drink using the raffia thread pierced through the lid of the can than it is to leave a drink on the ground.

The Plastic-

Plastic containers, the most adaptable of the group, are used to store anything from soup to noodles, rice, and dishes. They are microwave safe, but if possible, consume the food hot rather than warming it.

Conclusion-With all of the Food Packaging in Singapore that is supplied by our food packaging supplier being discussed above, tell us which one of the above takeaway boxes do you like the most?
Personally, I like the Brown Paper but if I want to get some of my other favorite foods, I’ll have to bear with the other food packaging, which is okay, as long as I’m getting the tasty food that Singapore has.
I hope you enjoy the read. 🙂

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