3 Best Ways To Get Quality Backlinks for SEO in 2021

After on-site SEO of a website, backlinking is the key to success. Without quality backlinks, it is not possible to get the higher rankings in the Google search engine. We all know that quality is better than quantity and it is true for link building as well.

In this article, I will guide you about 3 best and easy ways to get quality SEO backlinks in 2021 to get higher rankings in SERP and to increase the domain authority and domain rating of your website. By the way, if you don’t know what I am talking about, first you should know what is SEO.

1. Authority Backlinks from .edu Site

It is very important to get backlinks from the authority websites like .edu sites. But it is not easy as school or colleges don’t allow you to create a backlink on their website. Still there are some ways to earn .edu links and boost your website’s ranking in Google

You can try some of the following tricks to get an .edu link:

i) Become a member of the .edu forum

There are many educational websites with .edu tld that have a forum or a community scripts for their students. The college or school students share their knowledge on these forums.

Those who are not the student or faculty members of that specific college can also join those forums and can share good quality informative study tutorials. If you have a command on a specific subject, you can share your knowledge with the students, and then you can also share a detailed lecture that is available on your website by adding a link to that .edu forum.

Here you can check an example. I have shared an online freelancing course on a .edu forum and after making some good reputation of my profile, I have included 1 link to my website to encourage students to learn more from this link.

ii) Ask College/School Teacher To Include Your Link as A Source

If there is no option to register on the forum, even then you have a good chance to get an authority link from the .edu website. You just need to write a detailed lecture on a topic on your website.

Then you need to contact the teachers of different schools who are experts in the same subject. Then show them your work and ask them to include this link for their students. If you have good enough work, then a few teachers can accept and will add your work’s link at their school’s website.

iii) Offer Scholarships

Offering scholarships to the students of a school is another great way to get the backlinks from a .edu domain. But for this method, you should have a well-reputed company or a well-reputed product. Or at least you should have a good budget to offer the scholarship for the students.

Create a page on your website about the scholarship, explain the whole procedure on that page to guide students on how they can win your scholarship gift.

Then contact the relevant schools and ask them to include your web page link on their partner’s page so that students can reach your scholarship page.

2. Get Free Guest Posts by Offering Free Content

The second way to get quality backlinks to improve your SEO is to get free guest posts from different websites. There are a lot of websites accepting free guest posts if you offer them a quality article.

Look for the top quality sites but don’t only depend on those. It is very difficult to get the FREE guest post from a top-quality website. Though you should try for that as well, with that, you should also get free guest posts from websites that are not very famous, but have good DA and only accept unique and quality content.

For example, you can get a free guest post from BenjaNews.com which is not a famous site but if you read their guidelines, they only accept the quality article. Even you can register your free account on this site and submit your content for review.

After editorial review, your article will be live on the website only if it is unique and handwritten article. You can search for such websites by writing the search queries in Google like “Free Guest Post”, “Free Sponsored Post”, “Write for Us”, “Submit Your Article” and many more queries like this.

3. Comment on Blogs for Quality Backlinks

Getting quality backlinks is very easy if you can write the quality reviews or can read a blog and then ask a relevant real question on that blog. Almost every good website allows you to leave a comment on their blog post.

Some sites have auto-approved blog comments while some good sites approve your comment after moderation. You should search for your relevant blogs and articles. After reading the complete article you should write something interesting about that article with a link back to your site.

For example, if you have a page on your website about hanging cat beds, and you find a site about DIY baskets for cats, then you can leave a comment and get a link from that relevant blog.


Though there are many other ways as well of getting quality backlinks for the SEO purpose. But these three methods are best and work well even in 2021. Especially the first method of getting backlinks from the .edu domain will work for many years from now.

You should try these methods and get quality SEO backlinks to improve the rankings of your website in major search engines.

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