8 Common Mistakes That Can Get Software Developers Fired

We have often seen that software developers have been fired. A lot of reasons are behind this termination. For example, if a software developer is misusing his powers to fulfil his evil intentions, unable to complete the task in the stipulated time, and if the digital assets of the trade are not protected by him then in such cases, he is going to get fired.

In some other cases if a lot of money of the company is lost by a software developer during bad condition of the company, or if he lied to the superiors, or continuously snoop on the seniors, not telling the exact situation when it is required in an urgency then under these conditions also he can get fired.

Now I am going to tell you 8 common mistakes that can get software developers fired.

1.If he makes a faulty judgement – A good software developer must have an idea at which situation he has to ask something from a senior and at which situation he should keep his mouth shut. If a software developer makes a wrong or abusive comment to someone or unable to make right decisions or seeing a video having adult content during office hours then there is a possibility that he will get fired.

2.If he shares the source code – A software developer should not send the source code of his company’s software to any other company’s employee. It is included in a criminal activity and he will not only get fired from the company but also can be imprisoned for a certain period of time. The company can also charge a huge amount of money from him.

3.Not keeping the backups – If a software developer does not keep the backups then it is a very big mistake. In that situation some important assets of the company can be lost resulting in the loss of the company. Under these circumstances he can be fired by the company. So, if a new client is there then you should work with him by taking all precautions.

4.Not taking responsibility while making mistakes – If he makes a mistake and says that some other person is responsible for this then the company will not like this kind of behaviour. He has to take the responsibility of the mistake. Blaming to others can lead to his firing from the company. Instead he should ask seniors that some extra time should be provided to him so that he can correct the mistake done by him.

5.If he thinks that he is superior to others – The development of a software is not an easy job. A lot of technical knowledge is required in this job. A software developer has the knowledge of coding also. He is paid a good amount of money for doing this job. But that does not mean that he is superior to others and others are nothing in front of him. If he shows an arrogant behaviour to others or makes fun of others or uses abusive language then he can be fired from the company.

6.Too much aggressive behaviour – If a software developer is showing a very aggressive behaviour in the company then it is not a good thing. It often happens that you are going to make someone understand something but he does not get it the first time then you lose your temper and show rude behaviour. It lowers down your reputation in front of your seniors. Too much aggressive behaviour can lead to the termination of the developer.

7.Talking about personal life of other co-workers – The environment of the office should be like that everybody does his job sincerely by giving full respect to seniors and other co-workers. But if you are laughing at someone when he is not present there or you are using bad words for your senior in his absence then this type of behaviour will not be liked by your boss. If you are doing this continuously then you can be fired from the company. 

 8.Work copied from some other person – If you are writing code for a particular program and you forget something then in that case if you copy that coding from someone else, it will be called plagiarism. It is because you have no right to copy from others and use it for your own work. A developer can lose his job if he does this.

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