Best way to solve QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

QuickBooks, as one of the world’s leading accounting software, offers a plethora of benefits to its users. However, there are a few faults and problems that appear from time to time and annoy consumers. Errors in software can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including network difficulties and corrupted data. The QuickBooks Unrecoverable error is one of the most common errors that many users encounter.

The QB unrecoverable issue, its symptoms, and how to troubleshoot it will be covered in this article.

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QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error: Meaning

When a user attempts to access a QuickBooks file and the program is unable to locate the requested file, an error notice appears that states, “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and must close.”

 Besides, the error message contains one of the 50 unique numeric error codes, each of which is 10 digits long and is formatted in a “5 digits space 5-digits” sequence. 

Moreover, QuickBooks unrecoverable error implies that the accounting software has encountered a major application error. When you open the business file or click on the save, print, or ship icon at the top of the transaction, you will notice these problem numbers. When an unrecoverable issue occurs, you may receive the ‘critical application fault’ notice or the error message.

Common Unrecoverable Error in QuickBooks


00227 55008 00000 15204 00000 14775
00551 46274 02457 79428 13730 84631
13824 75582 15563 13890 19758 63847
20103 33023 20888 41171 16059 98709


Causes of QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

The QuickBooks unrecoverable error can arise in a variety of situations, including:

  • An unrecoverable issue occurs when you open a QuickBooks Desktop file on a workstation.
  • When printing, emailing or saving a PDF document from QuickBooks Desktop
  • When you save a transaction or a record
  • Unrecoverable errors may arise while chaining targets or executing the Rebuild tool.
  • When you use QuickBooks Online Bill Pay to issue checks or when you import an accountant’s changes.
  • If your company file has been damaged,
  • When executing a bank reconciliation or examining prior reconciliation reports, it is necessary to create a corporate file or a backup.
  • When attempting to close any active windows in a corporate file
  • When you launch a QuickBooks window (Home Page, Company Snapshot, Reports, Transaction)
  • When utilizing the Open Previous Company functionality

Symptoms of QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

It’s crucial that a user grasp all of the symptoms of the QuickBooks unrecoverable error. This will allow them to spot problems early and arrive at a reasonable solution. So, these are the symptoms of the QB Unrecoverable error:

  • The QuickBooks desktop window crashes.
  • QuickBooks Desktop crashes the first time it is launched.
  • The update progress stops at random or does not complete within hours.
  • QuickBooks Desktop hangs, making the user unable to reach.
  • The user will not be able to save the transactions in the company file.
  • QuickBooks desktop will not be updated with new software.
  • A stored transaction on the business file will not be found by the user.

Possible Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

In order to quickly address the QuickBooks unrecoverable error, there are a few options available to every user. 

You need to go through each of the troubleshooting solutions in order to totally eliminate the source of the issue. Also, make sure to follow these solutions in the following order:

Solution 1: Disable QuickBooks Desktop from launching all Windows at the start up

  • First, hold down the Alt key and click on the QuickBooks icon twice.
  • After that, when the system displays a dialogue box, release the alt key and input the password for the currently logged-in account.
  • Now, hit the OK button, and after the program is opened, press the ALT key once again.
  • At last, click the ALT key to finish the operation.

Solution 2: Determine the number of users who are affected

In order to open a similar company file, you must first identify the number of people who are impacted by using various login credentials. If the problem occurs in a specific user and the credentials are destroyed, be sure to rebuild the user. The steps involved are:

Condition 1: Regular individual is harmed
  • First, select the setup users and passwords page.
  • Then, pick the set-up users tab.
  • The next procedure is for Enterprise users: Then, under the business menu, pick the users option.
  • Then, hit the setup customers and roles icon.
  • Then, click the Add user icon and input the user’s name and password. Select the next icon.
  • Also, avoid using the compromised user name.
  • In the next step tailor, the client, if necessary, then click on the finish icon.
  • Then, select the close company/logoff option from the file menu.
  • In the final step sign in to the QuickBooks company file with the new log-in credentials.
Condition 2: When admin user is harmed
  • In this situation, obtain the QuickBooks tools hub.
  • Download the quickbooks file doctor utility from the tool hub.
  • The file doctor program will automatically identify and rectify the problem.

Solution 3: Make a copy of the company file and save it to your desktop

  • Begin by accessing the folder in which you have saved the business file.
  • To find the file with the .qbw extension, use the locate option.
  • Copy this file and then transfer it to your desktop, where you will paste it.
  • Now, hit the CTRL key to launch the program, which will display the message ‘No Company Open.’
  • Finally, click Open and locate the file where you pasted the company file.

Solution 4: Turn off QuickBooks desktop

  • Firstly, tap or click the Ctrl key.
  • Double-click the QuickBooks icon to launch the software.
  • Again, hold down the Ctrl key until and unless no corporate files are opened on your desktop.
When you open the Company file, turn off the desktop
  • First, choose the company file from the No Company Open list.
  • Press or hold the Alt key now. Now, go to the open
  • If you are prompted for your login credentials, drop the Alt key tab and enter your valid username and a safe password.
  • Then, once more, hit and hold the Alt key before clicking OK.
  • Do not let go of the Alt key until your company file is entirely open.

Solution 5: Restore your QuickBooks Desktop

  • First, troubleshoot your QuickBooks installation procedure.
  • The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic program must be downloaded and executed on the user’s machine.
  • Now, using the clean install tool, execute a clean reinstallation.
  • Repair the Microsoft components manually. If a user is unable to follow instructions or has difficulties, get assistance from IT professionals or Microsoft.


We believe the solution mentioned above will assist you in resolving the QuickBooks unrecoverable error. If the issue persists, you may contact the technical staff for more assistance.


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