Everyday applications of EMI Shielding for electronics

Electromagnetic Interference is a part of our lives that often goes unnoticed. The electromagnetic force from an electronic can affect or harm another electronic that we use daily. We’re surrounded by electronics at every point of our life, and if there weren’t a solution to stop this interference, nothing would work. That’s why EMI Shielding is crucial for every electronic item. Engineers use materials and techniques to prevent this interference and ensure that the electronics work as they’re supposed to. The EMI Shielding materials serve a double purpose by protecting a specific electronic from external disturbances, and the other one is to stop that device from emitting such signals. For every electronic item, there’s a Shielding specialist that ensures it works well.

EMI Shielding has applications in different industries from defense, medical to even our everyday kitchen items. These preventative materials protect the electronic item from electromagnetic signals, which can even lead to circuit failure. If you’re an engineer or a product developer, it’s essential to account for Shielding in an electronic item. It’ll help prevent its failure and safe working. Let’s look over some everyday applications of EMI Shielding in our lives:

Flying in a plane

All aircraft use complex and crucial communication systems when in the air. The aircraft components and the control systems are all electronic items that are susceptible to electromagnetic interference. However, if an aircraft system fails due to this interference, it can lead to drastic effects. Failure of the communication and control systems are some examples of what could happen if EMI Shielding isn’t there. For the same reason, you’re asked to turn off your mobiles while flying. It ensures that the mobile’s signals do not affect the plane’s electronic system. EMI Shielding plays a crucial part in aircraft manufacturing.

Railway systems

Modern-day railway systems have comprehensive electronic systems that are also susceptible to electromagnetic interference. It can affect the train signaling and control systems which could consequently affect the entire schedule. EMI Shielding is an essential part of the rail design systems because of these interferences. Several case studies are also present which directly show the link between the EMI and the control systems. So, EMI Shielding has applications in another everyday part of our lives, the railway systems.

Healthcare technologies

Healthcare technologies have also evolved and adopted the use of the latest tools and electronics. Life support systems are an excellent example of how electronic systems are instrumental in the healthcare sector. However, like every other electronic item, these technologies are also at the risk of electromagnetic interference. The consequences of such signals would be drastic in the healthcare technologies as they’re directly supporting lives. For example, if the life-supporting system fails for even a few seconds due to external electromagnetic signals, it can end the patient’s life. Other systems like oxygen monitors and electronic surgical equipment are also susceptible to such interferences. That’s why Electromagnetic Shielding is crucial for every electronic item. It can lead to defaults in essential technologies like healthcare systems and everyday things like our mobile phones.

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