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“From the beach to the boat, prevent your phones from a float”. Yes! Wherever we go during summer or winter to enjoy the holiday, our smartphones are always with us to take beautiful photos and shoot videos. During the fun, keeping your cell phones above and away from the water can be quite a challenging task. Individuals come with water damage reports more than any other damage. Sometimes they spill water on their phones accidentally, sometimes their phones drop in swimming pools and toilets and at times the phone fall on the beach. This damage has become so common that people are tired of looking for ways to resolve the water damage issue. So what is the best way to save your cell phone from water damage? Midland PCS, a mobile repair shop expert have been asked this question so many times while assisting helping their customers with their tech requirements. Mostly, the advice is to purchase a good waterproof pouch. Although some devices are waterproof, they can be submerged in water for a specific amount of time. If your gadget does take a plunge in the water, you have to implement some tips so that you can get water out from your cell phone. 

How To Get Water Out Of Your Cell Phone

Below mentioned are some of the ways you must implement and take water out of your phone before the liquid gets in and damages your cell phone components further. 

  • If your phone has dropped in the water, take it out immediately. The longer your phone will be submerged in water, the more liquid will seeps into it and it will get damaged.
  • If your phone has turned off, keep it that way. If not, instantly turn it off and don’t think about turning it on. 
  • The water must be filled in your protective case. Remove the casing immediately. 
  • You must also remove the battery if possible. If you have a lithium-ion battery and you can’t remove it, don’t worry. Just remove your SIM card, or SD card if you have one. 
  • It is recommended by electronic repair Columbia to use a dry towel or paper towel to absorb the liquid from your phone. Don’t try to rub the towel because it will push the water into the sensitive areas of your phone. If your phone was completely submerged, you can use a vacuum around your smartphone’s openings and creases to that it can suck out the excess water. 
  • Don’t put your phone under the sun and use silica gel packets because they are more effective than rice.

How will you know if your phone has water damaged?

Through a few signs, you’ll know that your gadget is water damaged. 

  • Look for visible water or dried water marks
  • Look for the corrosion that might be visible at ports
  • Check the LDI that is located in the headphone jack or the sim card. The LDI will be red if your phone has gone through water damage.

Will Rice Fix Your Water-Damaged Phone?

Putting your water-damaged phone into rice might absorb the excess water and moisture but it will cause the dust particles and starch to enter the openings and crevices of your phone. According to the phone repair store, the rice can enter your charging port and headphone jack. Therefore, silica gel is more appropriate. You can keep your phone in silica gel packets. They are more effective than rice. 

Is blow-drying effective?

You must have heard that blow-drying your phone can dry out the water and moisture. However, it might be true that using extra heat can damage and melt the tiny internal components of your phone. You can use compressed air and be very gentle with it. 

How Can You Remove Water From A Charging Port?

According to the cell phone repair store, Columbia, there are a few ways you can remove water from your charging port. 

  • You must turn off your device if it’s on.
  • Take off and remove the protective casing from your device.
  • If your phone has a removable battery, take it out.
  • Use a dry and soft towel to wipe out and absorb the water on your device.
  • Use compressed air to blow the fluid carefully. 
  • Place your phone in such a way that the openings and ports are facing down so that the water can get out if present.


Now the question arises is can the phone service provider handle the water damage to your phone? Most mobile repair shops can deal with water damage but you have to be wise when choosing the repair shop. When you drop your phone in water, it voids the manufacturer’s warranty automatically. You can get your phone fixed by the manufacturer but it will be expensive for you. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an authentic phone repair store at Columbia where the experts can meet your expectations and can fix the water damage. Be sure that you are choosing good, top-notch and leading repair specialists.

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