Five Practical and Easy Tips for a Healthy Home

Even the slightest of dirt in the house can be a home to disease-causing germs. Places like kitchen sinks, cutting boards, storerooms, bathroom vanities, basements that remain out of sight get the least attention from homeowners and hence, become an epicenter of bacterial infections. They quickly spread through the air or by sticking to shoes and, with time, grips your entire house under their control.

With that, the condition of your building starts deteriorating, and an immense amount of impact can be seen on your mind. So, to avoid that chaos, it becomes essential to control your home environment. Make changes to your daily habits to save long hours of cleaning later on and keeping the home germ-free and healthy 24×7. Here are some tips you must follow –

  1. Clear the Clutter

It comes without a doubt that cleanliness is the key to a clean home. No matter how busy you are, devoting half an hour every day to organize and clean small portions of the house can help a lot. Even an alternate day cleaning routine can get your home cleaned to its core within a few weeks. So, divide your schedule amongst the three most used areas of the house – kitchen, living/dining room, and bathroom and pay special attention to them.

  • Tackle the Moisture

I don’t have to stress this enough, but high moisture areas are often the biggest breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and mold. Thus, you have to use fans and dehumidifiers to eliminate excess humidity and the crazy spread of bacteria. You can also use ozone generators to keep the strange, musty odor at bay. In case a pipe leakage behind the walls is the culprit, you should fix that at the earliest too.

  • Ensure Proper Ventilation

Enclosed spaces don’t get enough sunlight and fresh air and hence become more prone to bacteria. So, irrespective of what room or corner of the house it is, there has to be some way to cross-ventilate the air from outside. Installing windows and opening them once a day can be one way to purify the atmosphere of your home. However, choose early morning hours to do so; otherwise, you may have to deal with unwanted traffic pollution.

  • Clean the Bed and Mattress

You always have dirt, dust mites and pet dander accompanying you on the bed all the time. These not only irritate the skin but also lead to poor indoor air quality, triggering allergies. So, it is best to use zippered plastic mattress and pillow covers. Vacuum them regularly and wash the bedding every week in hot water to eliminate dust mites. Kill the bed bugs completely by using ozone generators in the room.

  • Disinfect Surfaces

The simple act of wiping down most used surfaces of your home with a disinfectant wipe will keep you in the habit of keeping them clean and mess-free every time. Since cleaning products remove just the dirt and residue, you need to resort to disinfection to destroy the leftover germs. The importance of disinfection and sanitization has become more evident during this COVID time.

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