Google Grant: What Is It All About?

Everyone has at least one non-profit organization or even an initiative from any organization aimed at making the world a better place. Different people have different views and different opinions on nonprofit institutes. 

The world is changing, and this is going digital at an unprecedented pace, meaning that even nonprofits are going digital. But digitizing a nonprofit is not always easy as you will need many resources such as competence, time, and most importantly, money. 

This is where Google grants swoop in to help, and organizations that can ensure effective Google grant management can benefit from it to a great extent. 

But What Is Google Grant?

Google grants, commonly known as Google Ad grants, is a funding mechanism set up by Google that aims to offer nonprofits a set amount of funding towards Google advertising every month. Many nonprofits have leveraged this opportunity and flourished in their fields. Google grants are not very different from PPC or pay-per-click ads. 

Nonprofit organizations leverage these advertisements to generate more traffic for the website, similar to what a digital marketer or SEO expert would do. However, unlike PPC advertising, using Google grant means using only texts.

How Do Google Grants Work?

The Google grant methodology is not as complicated as one might think. Once a nonprofit organization proves its eligibility for the program, it will be provided with $10,000 as in-kind advertising from the search engine giant every month. 

Organizations can use this fund to create advertisements that feature only texts. In addition to that, the beneficiary can also gain access to many tools that can be used to create effective ad campaigns. These campaigns will further be featured by Google on its search results whenever anyone searches for anything relevant to a nonprofit.       

Eligibility Criteria For Google Grants

Nonprofits from fifty different countries can avail themselves of the benefits provided by the Google grant. However, the eligibility criteria can often vary based on the geographical location of the nonprofit. 

In most cases, Google looks to ensure that the nonprofit is not any type of government agency, hospital, or school, and the website of the nonprofit must be hosted in your domain while ensuring full adherence to the policies laid out by the website. Lastly, the nonprofits have to agree to the terms and conditions laid out by Google.

Should Small-Sized Nonprofits Google Grant?

As long as one can ensure appropriate Google grant management, even small nonprofits can benefit from the perks of Google grants. The primary factors influencing how valuable Google grant can be for you includes the number of people searching for the topics related to your nonprofit and if the content featured on your websites addresses these queries effectively. So no matter how small or big a nonprofit is, it is all about traffic and relevance.

In Conclusion

Up until now, many nonprofits have benefited from Google grants, so there is no reason why your nonprofit should miss this opportunity. However, once you facilitate effective Google grant management, you can make the most of your operational efficiency.

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