How Occupational Therapists Help Arm Injuries

Occupational therapy can be used to treat a series of different illnesses and injuries – including those affecting the hands or arms. Having full use of your hands or arms after an illness or an injury can mean the difference between enjoying a full, independent lifestyle, or being stuck without extended use of these very important limbs. 

How can occupational therapists help with arm injuries? Find out below.

Occupational Therapy, Hands, and Arms

Occupational therapists are experts in knowing how to functionally use your hands or arms, no matter what the situation. Whether it is learning to use your arm again after suffering a stroke, or relearning how to hold and grip objects with missing fingers after an accident – occupational therapy can help you get back on track towards full use of these limbs. Hereare some examples of how they can help.

1. Teaching Patients How To Hold And Grip Objects

Occupational therapists are experts in the proper way to hold and grip objects with your hands or arms. They can work with patients who have suffered injuries either at birth, or even later in life – these patients may not know how to hold certain objects due to pain or other issues coming up after the injury. Occupational therapy helps teach these patients how to perform basic functions like eating, holding a cup, opening doors, getting dressed, etc., again – properly using their hands .

2. Strengthening Muscles Affected By Arm Injuries

Occupational therapy goes beyond just reteaching you the proper method of using your armsor hands, they can work to strengthen muscles that may have been affected by the arm injury. This not only helps make everyday tasks easier, but helps ensure you are living your normal life as fully as possible – these patients will find their overall health benefits from occupational therapy if it is used after an arm injury.

3. Helping Patients Develop New Skills

Occupational therapists also know how to help patients learn new skills post-injury. They may suggest learning basic things like cooking or playing musical instruments again, even if the patient never thought about these skills before. Occupational therapy aims at helping every patient develop a sense of independence and being able to do things for themselves – no matter what type of injury or illness they are dealing with.

4. Creating Customized Assistive Devices

Occupational therapists are experts at creating custom devices to help patients with arm injuries get back on track. For example, they may create a device in which the patient can use special grips in order to make picking up objects much easier – victims of stroke or other conditions may need this sort of assistance in order to regain their independence. If you have lost your hand or arm due to an illness or injury, occupational therapy can be used to help regain your independence .

5. Encouraging Patients To Stay Active And Mobile

Occupational therapists are not just great at teaching patients how to become independent again after suffering from things like strokes or accidents – they also encourage them to stay active and mobile. This is extremely important in the early stages of rehabilitation, as it helps the patient regain their strength and dexterity. OTs will often give patients tasks to complete during their sessions, such as folding clothes or playing games, in order to keep them on their feet and working towards a full recovery.

Regain Use of Your Hands or Arms with Occupational Therapy

Arm injuries can be debilitating, but with the help of an occupational therapist, you can regain use of your arms and hands. Occupational therapy helps patients relearn how to hold objects and strengthens muscles affected by arm injuries. They also help patients develop new skills and encourages them to stay active and mobile. 

If you have suffered an arm injury, don’t hesitate to seek help from an occupational therapist. You will be one step closer to regaining use of your arms and hands.

Vicki Hofmann and her team practice occupational therapy with a patient-centric philosophy aimed at reducing the barriers to success. They care about their clients and genuinely strive to help them achieve health, happiness, and fulfilment, and want to see every client attain a happy and independent life.

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