How to Download Audio from Instagram Reels

There’s an occasional new trend in roller skating on Instagram. First of all, what make the trend popular are the sound and the editing. If you also post reels to audio on Instagram, you may already know the importance of editing videos with the right background music. After finding your camera roll audio, the next task is to download it from Instagram and add it to your video.
While Instagram offers a built-in video editor for reels to audio that lets you add music to videos, it has very limited features. You may want to edit your video further, eg. B. Add more transitions and cuts in sync with the background music. This is only possible with a professional video editing app and for this you need to edit the videos locally on your phone.
When it comes to drum editing outside of Instagram, you also need to download the sound/music you want to use as the background in your video. This tutorial will help you. Here we have shared an easy method to download Instagram drum sound to your smartphone. This works on both Android and iPhone/iOS.

How to record Instagram reel sound?

Instagram has added a new feature that lets you record from your reels to audio in the “Recorded” section of your account. Let’s say you are looking at the Instagram reels and suddenly you come across a sound that you want to record your video as well. This feature helps you record this sound so you can use it on your drums later. Instagram also allows you to directly import recorded audio while editing the reel.
This feature works similarly to saving a regular post (photo or video) on Instagram. Here’s how to use it:
Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.
Now find the drum whose sound you want to record.
Click the sound or song name in the lower left corner, just below the username and title of the person who posted it.
Now Instagram will take you to this special sound page where you can find all the drums that use the same sound. Just click the record audio button and you’re done!

How do I access saved Instagram audio files?

All recorded sounds can be found on the Recorded page of your account. To do this, first go to your Instagram profile and click on the menu button (three parallel lines) in the top right. Now a popup will open with different menu options. Click Recorded and then click Audio. Here you will find all the recorded audio files. Click on them to open their page or hit the play button if you want to listen to their audio.

How do I use recorded audio on your Instagram rolls?

When editing or uploading a new reel, you will see an option to add music to your video. Just click on the sound option on the left side of the screen. Instagram opens a music library where you can find popular and popular music. From there, tap Saved. After that you will see all the recorded audio files. Just choose the one you want to use and it will instantly be applied to your video.
This can also be done by sound. To do this, you need to go to the “Registered” page in your account and then click on the voice you want to use. After that, the Audio page will open where you will see the Use Audio option. One click that loads the audio into the reel editor. Then all you have to do is select a video from the gallery (or save a new one) and Instagram will automatically add the background sound you selected.

How to Download MP3 Audio from Instagram Reel

The above method is only for recording reel audio online on your Instagram account. Now some people edit their drums on their phones with more professional video editors. In this case, you need to download the audio as an MP3 file from your Instagram Camera Roll.
When we talk about YouTube videos, there are some online tools that can convert them to MP3 audio directly. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to extract and download audio from videos from Instagram Camera Roll. To do this, you must first download it as an MP4 video and then manually convert it to an MP3 audio file on your phone.

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