How To Fix Auto Host Issue On Twitch

hey, guys, I am Ashish here I’m a streamer on twitch and if you guys have been using auto host feature there may be a glitch with it that. you guys don’t know about today I want to show you how you can actually fix it if you are having the problem first of all the problem is it doesn’t fully work for some streamers I myself was affected by it. I worked for about two days for me and then on the third day, it started hosting random people that I wouldn’t associate my platform with and then I couldn’t also host people I mean I could but it would only stay there for about two minutes.

Then my host would randomly go to somebody else and then we go to another person and so forth and so forth but the worst thing is every time I would get hosted. This problem is as frustrating as Twitch error 2000 I would get somewhere between 40 and 120 hosts per stream and it was kind of annoying with my .gif going off and also in addition to that it would actually have my stream host, someone. while I was living did this about once every 45 minutes or so and it was really annoying so some of you’ve been probably having this issue and I’m going to show you how to fix luckily I had one of the lead twitch host developers.

Customer Support Response

Actually, contact me after I reached out to twitch support he opened up a case number he looked at my account and looked at it for about a week and a half and he came back with nothing which led to believe that the program actually doesn’t have anything wrong with it. his conclusion was I have either a rogue mod client program or an API that is interfering with theirs his conclusion was De-mod and disconnect everything and see if it works and it has I’ve been streaming for four days now without mods without any clients without any APIs.

Role Of Bots In The Channel

Without any bots in the channel and it’s worked and on the fifth day I slowly started reintroducing everything I started remodelling people I started bringing back my boss and I start bringing back the clients that I use so that would be my advice first on mod everyone stopped using your bot. un-mod that is well and then go in your twitch settings and go under the things that are connected and slowly starts to leading I myself didn’t realize I had somewhere between 20 and 60 programs.

When I Signed Up With Betas

Things that I signed up for Betas with things that I don’t use that much any more things that I just wanted to try out all these clients that were kind of reaching out into my accounts that I just disconnected. I didn’t find out what the actual problem is but if I do come across that particular program I’ll make sure to update this artcile or do a follow-up but if you guys are having that problem this may be a hopeful solution for you. I do note which is working on fixing it they don’t know what to do just yet in addition to that also I know there a few other things.

Final Thoughts

I am still getting all the hosts there’s nothing I can do about that but I can live with it and I still when I watch other people stream I still get auto hosted in the chat they’re aware of those issues and hopefully in a future update. they’ll upgrade this to like I don’t know a dashboard 2.0 where they fix the settings or something like that.

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