Main Panic Room Doors Features

The hardware has been selected to ensure significant and secure locking without interfering with the smooth operation of the bullet-proof doors inside the steel frame. Panic room doors allows the entire door to be secured at a single checkpoint. It is not able to be overruled or manipulated from outside.    

Since they can use a wide range of tools to gain access, you need to be sure that you have a secure room door that is able to defend itself against anything it is likely to use.    

In order to increase safety and user comfort, numerous improvements have been made to safe spaces, including hidden doors that conceal the entrance to safe space. Secondary exits that allow escape routes and emergency power and lighting systems.    

What is panic room doors?

Some of the most expensive vault walls and doors are reinforced with sheet steel, Kevlar or bulletproof fiberglass. In other homes, steel doors in one or more bedrooms are locked to give security forces time to arrive.

In some safe rooms in the basement, concrete slabs are built into the concrete walls of the building, but this technique is not possible in the upper floors of wooden frame structures without significant structural reinforcement of the building.    

Security doors are bulletproof doors

Security doors are bulletproof doors that can be supplied for a variety of different purposes, including providing a secure external entry to a property, providing the ultimate level of protection in a panic room that fits into any home or business environment.

In general, homeowners exposed to a low to moderate security risk can build a simple safe space, while homeowners exposed to a higher security risk must construct a more sophisticated type of safe space.

Keys and bolts

Additional security can be achieved by installing a latch lock on the top or bottom of an existing interior door. Mortise locks can also be fitted and fastened to the door to provide a further level of security with steel hinges and bolts.    

Customers can open their safe room doors using a variety of means, including hidden PIN keys, concealed fingerprint scanners and many more options. With a range of different locking mechanisms for these doors, customers can offer unprecedented protection against all threats. Electromagnetic locks can be released and the doors can be equipped with automatic opening for immediate access.

One aspect of a safe

The area between the actual door construction and the room itself is very important. As already mentioned, the actual doors are only one aspect of a safe that is effective for vaulted rooms. A simple vault uses a swinging door that fits over a normal door opening.    

Most homeowners cannot afford to build their own safe space in their home, so take the ordinary rooms in their home and equip them so that they can perform the double task of being safe spaces. Cabinets can be converted into rudimentary safe spaces if they have a solid core door with a latch lock. In a simple, safe cabinet, the hollow-core door can be replaced by an outer full-core door bolt with a long hinge screw and a striking plate screw to withstand blows.   

Criminals will never realize

By installing a well-camouflaged door in your home or office building, criminals will never realize that these are objects that people value in the first place.

The potential for treading is reduced if you choose a safe space with a minimum number of walls facing the direction of the expected intruder so that you end up with at least some exposed walls. If your shelter is located on the ground floor, you will need a door that opens into a room with a hatch. It opens out to the floor or attic.    

Excellent protection

Immediate fire doors offer excellent protection in the event of a fire for the contents of the safe. But are of little use as primary defence in a panic room. The same goes for your vaulted doors. They need serious fire protection and are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your vault contents from fire and heat.

A panic room is supposed to be a windowless box where intruders cannot see you, which means you can place it inside a house without losing a piece of an empty wall or a huge window that lets in natural light.    

Belongings safe

If you need a safe, we can provide you with a fire door to keep your belongings safe. You can choose a door with multiple layers of industry standard fire protection panels and high quality fire seals such as Palusol seals to enhance your fire protection in a safe space.   

As a result, the thick steel doors in combination with our hardened military locks and grilles on the Liberty Safe and Vault doors are almost impossible to open. The Rhinovault safe doors are also suitable for extreme winds such as tornadoes and hurricanes. And provide high security protection when the safe room is used as a weapon cabinet, hiding place, computer room or other applications.    

All in all

You can use a swinging ballistic door to enter and control your panic room. Each door has an electronic keypad on the outside that actuates a latch lock on the inside of the door. The lock mechanism works as follows: when you enter your safe, close the door. Lock it and pull the lever to activate the mechanism that deactivates the external dial or keyboard. 


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