The Best and Worst Things to do while Packing your belongings

Packing your belongings is one of the most challenging parts of moving. It is advisable to start preparing the items to relocate with as soon as you are sure about the move. Please do not wait until the last minute because it can be hectic to accomplish the tasks. Apart from packing early, there is an ideal way to do it. We will highlight the best and worst things to do while packing for a move. Let us get right into it;

The Best Things

Although a moving company will offer the service, it would help pack some items yourself. You can leave the bulky and fragile items for the personnel. Below are the best ways to do your packing;

Disconnect cables before Packing

Ensure you take all precautions when packing electronics. Doing it with the cables in place will damage them. It is advisable to disconnect the cords and disassemble the items to utilize minimal space. You can use the user manual to know how to pack your electronic stuff, and it is best to use its original box to store the items during a move.

Label the boxes

Packing can be difficult, but unpacking will be more challenging if you do not label the boxes. You will not know what to take to each room and mix up the stuff. On the contrary, you can have a specific color code for packing boxes, depending on the room. Stull, label the package to make it easy to identify them later. It will be manageable to know what goes to which room. Have significant markings on fragile items to ensure the movers take precautions when carrying them.

Wrap the Breakables

Wrap the items that are easy to break using bedsheets or other pieces of old clothes to cushion them from impact. Putting them in a box without wrapping will make them susceptible to breaking when the items hit each other. Wrapping will limit the items from moving, which damages the items.

Fold the Clothes before packing

Folding your clothes when packing ensures you utilize space effectively. Experts advise using the suitcase to store clothes during a move rather than using boxes. They can accommodate more items and protect the fabric items from degradation.

Prep the House

After packing the smaller items in your home, prep the house for movers. The initiative includes creating the space to allow easy movement of people while loading things in the truck.

The Worst Things

After learning the best things to do when packing your belongings, here are some things you should avoid;

Leaving Open Boxes

Failure to seal the packing boxes will put your items at risk of losing or damaging them. Therefore, ensure you close them as soon as you finish putting stuff in them.

Keeping things in the drawers

Unlike what other movers may advise, it is best to have remove your belongings from drawers when you are moving things. Have a box for the valuables and other items to avoid losing them.

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