The Best Google Courses You Should Be Taking

The digital transformation process has advanced exponentially because of the global pandemic. If you want to thrive in today’s digital ecosystem, Google courses are the surest way to do that. There are many courses available online that can train you and help you get the skills needed to become a Google expert. They cover all software and applications from digital marketing to Android app development. These certifications validate your specialisation and skills and are highly desirable among recruiters and organisations around the world. 

Which of these courses should you choose for your career? How are they better than all the other certifications out there? Let’s find out.

Top Google Certification Courses For You

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This beginner-level course is one of the best digital marketing courses out there. It is a free course that you can study at your own pace and earn a Google AdWords certification.

With this course, you will learn the concepts of clickthrough rates, landing page experience, campaign optimisation and Return on Investment. It also teaches the benefits of targeted advertising and the different challenges that can affect an online advertising campaign’s success. 

2. Android Basics Nanodegree Program

About 85% of the smart device market is owned by Android. With the growth of technologies like IoT and eSIM, the number of smart devices is growing rapidly and the world is moving fast towards an app-centric economy. 

This certification is a three-month-long course and gives you beginner-level skills. It is made up of four modules – User Interface, User Input, Multi-screen Apps and Networking. Once you master all these modules, you will be able to make a powerful functioning app.

3. Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

This is one of the most popular intermediate courses, designed for people looking to gain a fundamental understanding of important concepts and terminology that is used while working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It can be completed within a day, as it requires only 8 hours to complete.

This Google Cloud course teaches you how Google’s different computing and storage services compare with each other. This includes Google App Engine, Google Computer Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL and BigQuery. This course also teaches you about important resource and policy management tools.

4. Google Workplace Administration

Google Workspace offers many benefits, which includes leaving the server hardware management responsibilities to Google. It lets you control the accounts, resources and applications from a web browser as the administrator of a G-Suite domain. This helps you perform all necessary tasks without worrying about the physical hardware. Through this course, you will learn about creating and managing a workspace domain.

Working experience with Google Workspace and knowledge of Domain Administration terminology is a big advantage with this course, but it is not mandatory. Anyone can take up this course.

5. Google Associate Android Developer Certification Training Course

This course is designed for professionals looking to build a career as an Android developer. This certification program equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to join the role and carry out the tasks of a mobile developer. This course takes 40 weeks to complete and gives you a range of skills by the time the course ends. Some of these skills include setting up an Android Development environment, service declaration, Async tasks and REST web services, and testing and debugging apps.

6. Mobile Web Specialist

When the internet was born, it could only be accessed via a desktop using a fixed line. Today, from your mobile phone to smartwatch, on-the-go connectivity has become a part of life. The Mobile Web Specialist course teaches you about basic web layout and styling, front end networking, progressive web apps, performance optimisation, testing and debugging, and ES2015 concepts. To get your certification, you need to get through a few coding challenges and an interview.

7. Localisation Essentials

Localisation is more than just translating one language to another. Many socio-cultural changes need to be considered. People who have English as their first or second language tend to forget that a large part of the internet does not use English to access the internet. Once you create an app or a product, breaking into the non-English markets requires strong localisation skills. Localisation Essentials teaches you about intangible things like implied meanings and tone, along with technical skills like the direction of reading, alphabetisation etc. 

8. Go Programming (Go Lang) Certification 

Go Lang is an open-source programming language developed by Google. It is a statistically-typed compiled language that compiles and runs at a very high speed. Key features of Go Lang include language design, static typing, testing support and package management. This course requires basic knowledge of programming languages and is as easy to learn as C.

Choose the Right Course

Google certified courses give you the knowledge and skills to build a strong career no matter which point you are at. Enroll and start growing today.
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