Versatile Build – Android

Play out the Build interaction for a portable application through the Automated Build strategy, where you can produce the .apk (Android application bundle) or the .ipa document (iOS App Store bundle). Another way is to download Cordova/PhoneGap viable .compress documents to construct frameworks physically for Android/iOS stages.

Wave Maker RAD Platform upholds you to assemble versatile applications in the accompanying ways:

Work for Android: Through this form, you can create APK records which can be marked and facilitated on PlayStore.

Manual Build: Through this form, you can create or download a .compress document which can be additionally evolved to be facilitated on any versatile stage.

Android Build

Android Build creates an investigate form (DEV as it were) .apk document utilizing Cordova Build System, which you can introduce on any Android telephone. The form include triggers a form solicitation to the framework, and the document gets produced. Once the .apk document is prepared, the affirmation will be shipped off the Developer’s email account.

For building a .apk document, Mobile Configuration should be set. Portable Configuration can be set independently for each pre-characterized application arrangements – DEV or PROD.

Steps to play out an APK Build

To play out an APK Build, utilizing the Workspace Toolbar from Build task select Build for Android.

Design Details

Application Properties

Application Name: By default, it is set to the name of the WaveMaker application. You can set the name not quite the same as the application name.

Server Path: By default, it gives a server way where the application is being facilitated. You can alter this field assuming that you are facilitating your application somewhere else, similar to web server.

Assuming None is chosen, it expresses that there is no backend server to associate. In this manner, the accompanying applies:

The application won’t ping WaveMaker properties, and it will get it locally.

Best Low code application development platform security won’t work.

The application can’t interface with any data sets that are facilitated.

Disconnected usefulness isn’t upheld.

Rest API factors would work without intermediary.

Application Information: It shows data connected with the application like Application ID (as a matter of course, com.appname), Version (naturally, 0.0.1) and you can alter the fields according to your necessities.

Designer Information: Provide subtleties like Developer Name, Developer URL, and Developer Email (naturally, set to WaveMaker account email id).


You can see the rundown of local elements utilized in the application. You simplified any versatile gadget or utilize any gadget variable or usefulness, the module is auto-chosen and should be visible in Plugins area, along these lines guaranteeing application to get to telephone local highlights like Barcode scanner, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, File, Geolocation, Network and Vibrate.

From 8.4 delivery onwards, Plugins other than Standard Plugins can be added from More Plugins. Give the module name and module variant to introduce the module in the task.

White Listings

Most mobiles block admittance to outside sites for the sake of security. In the event that your application needs admittance to outer sites these can be set in the URL Whitelist. For instance, if you need to give admittance to research assets to your application, all things considered, the URL Whitelist would be here for additional subtleties.

RAD Rapid application development platform Model

Aim can be utilized to determine any applications that would should be sent off through your application. See here for additional subtleties

Android Preferences

These properties characterize the application conduct on the gadget. You have the choice to choose the Minimum Target Android Version starting from the drop menu. Set the direction of the screen to Portrait or Landscape and empower or debilitate Full Screen.

Android Icon and Splash Screens

These properties permit you to characterize stage explicit symbols. You can choose or alter the symbols and sprinkle screens according to your gadget type and screen goal.

Save and Build Configuration

In the wake of giving every one of the necessary properties, Save the arrangement properties for a future form.

Assemble will show the status window and will set off a form solicitation to WaveMaker Build System, where we get the Cordova compress first and later create the .apk record disconnected. Once the .apk document is prepared, you will get it through an email.

For making discharge apk to Publish on Playstore utilize Manual Build.

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