What Is the Deferred Deep Link and Why It Is Important?

There are so many approaches businesses nowadays are following to increase the user experience and improve user retention. The organizations apart from taking a consultative approach are rendering many different strategies that can work in their favor and help them determine a call to action. Out of many, one strategy that is being acknowledged by business enthusiasts across the world is – Deep Linking. 

In this ever-evolving marketplace where enterprises are adapting tech-driven solutions to embrace their workplace and business operations. However, with all said and done in the end, everything comes down to making users worth the time of using an app, whether they are shopping online or craving to find information about something. 

The concept of deep linking was discovered in the year 2006. That means this has been around in the industry for a long time now. Deep-linking is the process of sending users to a particular content directly. Over the years, the concept of deep linking has gradually evolved and now the businesses are leaning towards reaping the fruits of an advanced version of deep linking that is – Deferred deep linking, which we would be talking about in this article comprehensively.

What is Deferred Deep Linking?

In the context of the World Wide Web, the deep linking works like a conqueror. However, a new term that deferred deep linking is gaining traction among business aficionados. So the term deferred means putting something on hold. Rather than complicating the term beyond understanding, let’s try to understand it via an example. 

Suppose you are visiting a website or have received an email in your inbox stating that a particular food item is being availed at discount, now when you click on the link provided in the inbox, you can see that you are being redirected to download the app and once you download it, you will automatically be sent on to that particular discount catalog of food item which you saw an ad of in your inbox. That’s deferred deep linking. 

  • Short definition: Deferred deep linking is a URL that opens and directs a user to a specific location outside or within an app. In case the user has not installed the app, then the link will route him to specific content. 

If you are thinking to give the deep linking approach a try, put forward your ideas to the mobile app development company that is working on your app idea and the team of experienced developers would be able to provide you more insight into that.

How Deferred Deep Linking Is Important?

The major reason why businesses want to adopt deep linking strategies is that it helps them proliferate user engagement in no time. Since deferred deep linking is not a new concept, the phenomenon that it talks about is provided with personalized targets. Deferred deep linking is proving to be a versatile and bringing innovative method of enhancing retention rates and engagements. Let’s have a quick look at benefits offered by deferred deep links.

  • Optimal Conversion: Many on-demand app development services have witnessed a sudden surge in interest. There are apps for e-commerce companies that sell products and services on their app. For such businesses, a deferred deep link approach enables them to drive user engagement to the point of sale. This is one of the reasons why deferred deep link is coming out to be a crucial marketing strategy for mobile marketer’s arsenal.
  • Streamlining user experience: How a person feels when interfacing with a system and whether it is fulfilling is what UX is all about. The user experience gives rise to the utmost business growth. With the help of deferred deep link methods of advertising, businesses are figuring to make every lead count. Deep linking a particular content to an app enables users to reach a specific destination. There are no multiple re-routing or signposting which is what adds to the user experience.
  • Increase attribution: Deep linking is said to be the powerhouse of proper attribution. Do you know more than 80% of millennials spend time on mobile phones using social media? Hence, the deep linking makes the businesses use the company’s webpage and social media platforms to drive users to their app which ultimately improves retention, and increases revenue. Moreover, in one action, the brands can reduce user acquisition costs and ensure users are directed to the right in-app location. This enhances the attribution.
  • Adds to app integration: App integration maintains the synchronization between two apps that ultimately elude data duplication and redundancy. Bridging the gap between two solutions is one of the major advantages deferred deep linking carries on with it. Completing multiple tasks and managing multiple applications among the databases can be difficult. However, with deep linking, it becomes easy for businesses to set connections between two apps and navigate the users with referral tracks.

Closing Thoughts

Now you might have understood the advantages of mobile app deep linking and the factors mentioned above hopefully have resolved most of your doubts now. Deep linking not only lands users on the correct content but also let companies follow an ideal user flow to engage with customers. Deep linking has become a crucial component of good mobile products and if you haven’t used deep linking yet, it’s time to be a witness to the new evolution of this era.

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