Simple Changes That All Gym Operators Can Make Post-Pandemic.

We’ve all felt the hard pinch of Covid-19, but its effects still ripple through the gym business.

More than ever, gym operators everywhere are having to think hard about the structure of their businesses. Almost half (47%) of fitness lovers are now exercising outdoors and 35% purchased their own home fitness equipment during the pandemic. It’s little wonder that profitability has been a concern for gyms. 

With many current gym goers now rethinking their memberships, it’s a serious question of how best to bounce back from the pandemic. 

As a gym operator or owner, you want your business to be the best it can be: taking on new members, holding on to existing members, making a profit all while having happy healthy staff.

Resamania recently commissioned Decision Architects to conduct research with thousands of gym-goers to understand their habits and perceptions when it comes to fitness. The results are illuminating and show opportunities for gym owners and operators. Health and fitness has become more important for 51% of the respondents. While 63% said they didn’t have a gym membership pre-pandemic, 33% are saying they are more likely to join one now that lockdown is easing. 

The main goal should be to catch those now interested in becoming new members while still looking after our existing ones. There are a few ways to do this. 

Giving members the top equipment and our staff the best tools should be the starting point.

All members, new and old, expect up-to-date state-of-the-art equipment, modern fitness classes and at convenient times of the day to fit in with a new working from home schedule that many still have. 

To encourage existing members to keep coming back, you may want to offer some kind discount or other benefit to prevent them from cancelling their membership.

You can also assist staff with tools to help them see and access the information they need at the exact time they need it. This lets them truly focus on gym members and enable them to meet their needs while not being bogged down by other time consuming and unnecessary tasks.

Staff at gyms that are still using multiple and cobbled together frankenstack-style systems are far less efficient. Using these systems can be time-consuming, inaccurate, frustrating, and take away from the organisation’s profits. 

The smart solution would be to switch to an end-to-end gym management software.

Allowing staff access to end-to-end gym management software enables them to manage multiple tasks and take care of each member effectively. It can save time and costs as well assist staff in meeting the individual needs and providing personal attention to all members. 

As a member, it’s a real benefit to be able to control your own account, make payments, book classes, PT slots and manage your time. It’s these elements that are a driving point in gaining or keeping a membership. 

Small perks like controls that can automatically unlock gym doors and welcome guests are a nice added feature too and really take your gym to the next level. 

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