Ways to Make Copper Mining More Environmentally-Friendly

copper is a household name now because electrical wires to the microchip in your laptop’s processor are made of copper. From your home to office, you can observe there are several things made of copper. Have you ever thought that from where this copper comes to make so many things? This copper comes from copper mines through different extraction methods. Every extraction method has its own pros and cons. Moreover, these extraction methods are adopted according to the presence and form of the copper in the earth. For more mining copper insight, have a look at Solaris Resources Stock.

Have you ever thought that this mining can impact our environment so badly? Following are some ways that mining companies and the government should take to make mining environmentally friendly.

  1.  Banned All Illegal and Unregulated Mining Companies

Every mining company should follow the rules and regulations like Solaris Resources. Still, there are some companies that don’t follow the standard operating procedure and cause damage to the environment. There should be immediate action on such mining companies, and there should be fines.  For more insight see Brian Hinchcliffe, he established a mining company.

  1. More Emphasis on Recycling

Do you know copper is recyclable? Yes, most of the household items which you have seen today are made of copper. The Government and regulatory authority should emphasize recycling instead of excessive mining. They should be aware of the public regarding efficient ways to capitalize fully on old materials. It is high time to recognize that our environment is paying high costs of excessive materials to use. Mining companies that are not following mining guidelines cause an irreversible toll on public health, water and air quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and community interests.

  1. Better Legislation and Strict Mining Guideline

There is still a need for better legislation and strict mining guidelines for mining companies. There is a need to set more examples like Island Copper Mine in Vancouver. It was a highly regulated mine site but closed due to resource depletion, so government took action to protect the few resources which remained. On the other hand, strict action should be taken against contaminated sites or companies that are causing pollution and affecting the environment so badly. Strict legislation will help improve public health and environment and improve the lifespan of the mining industry.

  1. Recording of Toxic and Environmentally Damaging Mining Waste 

Precise recording of toxic and environmentally damaging mining waste is another big issue. Mining companies don’t share the exact facts and figures regarding mining waste. There is a need to work more on recording toxic and environmentally damaging mining waste. Mining waste should not be disposed of carelessly.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly mining is a profitable industry, but still, there is a need for improvement in legislation and environment protecting guidelines. We have to make this earth a better place of living instead of a bitter place. So mining companies should ensure compliance with all regulations and follow guidelines to protect and have a  better environment.

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