The Perfect Guide to Zoho Email Not Working

All parts of the globe are connect these days due to the internet and other services. The very first Zoho email service that made it possible for users to connect with each other via text exchanges. The email service has been in the news lately as these days. People use emailing service for professional purposes, or at least most of the users do. 

Safe to say that the market is fill with tons of great email services that offer brilliant features and filters that can be use to make the best of the emailing experience. Zoho email is one of the rising email services on the internet and has been offering a lot of perks to the users, combine with a good user interface to ensure that users feel captivate. 

But recently, the users have expressed their anger about the fact that they are unable to receive emails. In case you need a fix for the same, keep up with today’s blog as it is about the same.

Here are some of the simple methods that can be use to fix when Zoho email is not working.

Zoho Mail Issues

1. Via fixing the MX entries

In case you are facing the issue of Zoho mail not receiving any emails, chances are that the wrong MX entries are available on the DNS page. In case you are looking to fix this issue. You will need to log into the DNS manager and from there, you will need to delete the MX entries that are contained in the MX records. So to further update all the domain accounts on the same with MX entry for Zoho so to get rid of the issue at hand. 

2. Via searching emails in all email folder

In many cases, there are chances that when you log in to Zoho mail and someone sends you an email. The servers of the email find the message suspicious and move it to the other folders. One does not need to be concerned about the same as it is actually quite normal and chances are that the user may be unable to find the same email, even if they make use of the search bar in the inbox. 

So, in case you are unable to find the email and your Zoho email is not receiving some emails according to you. Try to look for the same in all the other folders. If for some reason, you are unable to find the email in any of the folders that are available. Try to make use of the next solution in line as that may help you in fixing the issue.

3. By configuring MX records and verifying your domain 

In some rare cases, users are unable to receive emails, it may be due to the expiration of the domain. This is why the emails are never received since there are no MX records with the existing domain name. This is why the user will need to log in to the DNS manager, move forward with the verification of the domain, and update the MX records to start receiving emails again. 

These are some of the simple ways that can come in handy when you face an email not received with the Zoho email service. This is it from this article. We hope that it had everything that you were looking for in the first place. 

For any further info or queries, you may contact the help and support center of Zoho email. Or you can simply visit the website of to get all the answers that you are trying to seek.

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