UPS SurePost: What is it?

Many transporters are accustomed to becoming dimed and nickelled by annual charges. However, because shipment is so essential to doing businesses in competitive terms, the majority of them pay regardless. 

Manufacturers and retailers should compete domestically, nationwide, and internationally, and they must deliver items to their residential consumers promptly and efficiently.

Irrespective of how far goods go from reaching their ultimate stop, the final leg, often referred to as the “last mile,” is the most expensive component of the delivery process. It’s costly since it is inefficient: shipments are conducted in tiny amounts to various home addresses rather than in large volumes to several corporate addresses.

SurePost is a streamlined delivery service established by UPS that leverages the USPS to finish the final leg within each delivery to residential clients.

Rather than regular ground shipment, UPS users have the choice of using SurePost. Let’s see whether it’s a good fit for your company.

What is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is a delivery service that uses UPS’s ground networks to perform most of a parcel’s journey but depends on the United States Postal Service for the last step. It’s a less expensive alternative that delivers almost a similar caliber of service as regular ground shipping.

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Who Should Use UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is an excellent choice for companies looking to boost their profits in the short term. It provides a cost-cutting option without sacrificing service quality. Converting from Ground to SurePost service might save you up to 20% on delivery expenses, and your consumers might not even feel.

Because it enables shippers to avoid domestic fees, the service is ideal for enterprises that send individual shipments to residential consumers.

The majority of the users suggest opting for SurePost when shipments cannot be delivered utilizing USPS Priority Mail packaging and range around 2-10 pounds. They claim that UPS Ground is less expensive for heavier deliveries.

UPS SurePost Vs. UPS Ground

UPS SurePost uses the UPS Ground service. Before they reach the last leg of their travel, similarly packages transit, going from importers’ facilities to lorries to warehouses, and so on.

Those substantial brown UPS trucks distribute common ground goods to final consumers at that moment.

Consignments sent through SurePost, on the other hand, are delivered to municipal post offices. The packages are then delivered to clients’ homes or businesses by USPS vehicles.

How Long Does UPS SurePost take to Deliver?

UPS SurePost takes only one day longer to deliver than UPS Ground. UPS provides a package to a client’s house on the last day of regular ground delivery. 

Instead, UPS delivers it to the following USPS location via UPS SurePost. The package is usually delivered the following day by USPS, which adds a day to the voyage.

Will clients realize if the shipment takes a day longer than usual? It requires one to five days for ground shipment to arrive. Clients who choose the ground delivery option are aware that their products will not be delivered on the same day. 

Even if customers can monitor the delivery from beginning to end and understand when it will arrive, an extra day might not even spark their interest.

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